Website optimization strategy six site positioning common mistakes

has a good analysis of user groups, to do targeted content and build targeted marketing network. Don’t expect a website to win all the users, it is unrealistic, I >

in the previous article, Zhang Dong introduced the basic overview of the site location, but still have a lot of friends in the site location is unclear, misunderstandings will fall in some website positioning, resulting in less effective or even futile, so today Zhang Dong as we analysis some common website positioning errors.

in many small and medium-sized webmaster, see group purchase is booming, so do a group purchase website, see everyone in the local portal, he rushed to download a DZ to build 123, see a lot of money, so he was going to get a site navigation station, the next time you hear the teacher say Taobao guest the Commission is very high, so Taobao registered guest account, API launched Taobao shopping navigation interface. Everyone knows each industry success has his own successful characteristics, follow the trend will be to pull the nose, N mountain is in front of you this small package when there is the light of day? Everyone says "the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach, in fact here should say the Yangtze River:" bring forth the new through the old, after the fall in waves on waves". Not blindly follow the trend of accurate positioning of their success is not possible.


has many webmaster in website, there is no clear understanding of the site’s profit, just want to put the site set up, etc. with the flow again, however, do not do the analysis of profit model at the beginning of the site, the site layout, content did not have a direction to build. Have a friend heard that link to sell very well, so to build a website, ready to sell the site links, build up, even Links for less, not to mention selling links, this is typical of the improper profit.

3, profit way of fuzzy

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4, users of fuzzy

this is our webmaster many positioning errors, make a website hope to cover all the content, attract related user all the monopoly of all traffic, by virtue of this small site is unable to complete the task. Have a friend is to do local information, wish each county a sub station, with two level domain name, or personal operation, I asked optimization ideas, I tell him, personal power cannot move so big market. Another friend is real, the first idea is to do the activity room door, so that the touch of the contents of all used to come in, to do China maximum activity real portal, people do not have so much energy to take care of so much content, even if it is done, the content of the website is worrying. The site is now the trend of market segmentation, market segmentation and differential into the market is a small webmaster way.

, blindly follow the trendThe common

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