The new era of Shanghai dragon coming areyouready

how to find your website value? I believe everyone for their industry is very understanding, so it is necessary to dig out the maximum user needs your industry users, and other sites are not satisfied, for the home value in the website to give the most eye-catching display, giving amplification. Then the user is very love on this site, you also worry about your website ranking to

so, why did this happen? The reason lies in the "four financial software website for free download" has its own unique value of the site that is "free download, free training, free installation." This is not provided by other websites. We through the common user needs mining method, it is not difficult to see that the user needs the maximum for the word "financial software" is "financial software free download". The other is the website does not provide this, even if it is provided, in the face of this page zoom value.

we are very successful in recent years, the website can also see this point. For example, known as "mogujie贵族宝贝" and "beauty" since the Taobao customer shopping sharing community form appeared, caused a big change in Taobao mogujie贵族宝贝 Taobao to imitate the guest, guest website also appeared in a continuous line, specifically for >


, my blog, "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" in the early beginning of the establishment, the bounce rate is very high, about 70%, so my blog ranking is difficult to go up, in order to solve this problem, I provide an entrance in the home: "Shanghai dragon free video tutorial download suddenly second days of my website bounce rate dropped to 40%. So the value of the site is very important. Comparing the peer website, you have what different? If you don’t have what the difference between him and you, you only have your way to row up, it is relying on the huge chain, increase the weight of row up, but it is very time consuming and human.

we look at other sites, users demand their home even basic are not satisfied, so some of the inside pages of the rankings, will be better than those of the home page ranking.


we love Shanghai to search the word "financial software", we found a very strange question, only the first page of "four financial software" this one home in Shanghai love search engine. (I checked the "financial software" of the word index is up to about 800, the relevant search results 16,50 million, and a love for their own products, Shanghai shows the word of competition is very high.

with the search engine algorithm of continuous improvement, followed the change of 2012 Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon ushered in a major change, Shanghai dragon is no longer the chain, the original content, user experience, user needs to meet some problems such a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But the site value. Let’s look at a case:


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