The new trend of network marketing GOMX conference search marketing is king

May 2013 29-30, 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference (hereinafter referred to as GOMX) will be held in Wuxi. Among them, the search engine marketing session held in May 30th, from the summer easy network, and Netconcepts, Jindo, tiantuo Wen Jun and other well-known information network marketing service providers would search marketing KPI, Shanghai dragon how to win a large number of customers, such as SEM and Shanghai Longfeng organic combination, search and social data mining etc. a series of search marketing topics do wonderful keynote speeches and experience sharing. This is the second win time to organize another search marketing search engine marketing conference in Hangzhou in April after the exchange event.

It is reported that

exhibition era to win the general manager Mr. Hu Xinrong said. "Although the search.

the GOMX conference has gathered many experts in the field of search marketing participants, the organizers timev believes that the development of search marketing currently occupies the time longer, in the Internet advertising market share is the largest. The search engine as the largest Internet user entrance, has become the most important platform for enterprise marketing, and network marketing service providers engaged in network marketing is very important. At the same time also see that although the search engine is the most important channel of website promotion and enterprise network marketing, and has formed a relatively mature marketing system, but the competition is more intense, if you want to become the king of the market, and requires understanding of the application level of marketing and marketing service providers whether corporate or higher.

, at the 2013GOMX conference, the focus of search marketing special attention, is still "business, marketing, search" the hot topic of debate and share, then, including pan technology, pinyou, public goods interaction, and dozens of search Teamtop Jindo marketing service providers and business owners, Chinese network marketing professionals to communicate with the keyword search, Shanghai dragon, SEM and electric network wide search marketing, data monitoring, user analysis, and search and mobile Internet, social media integrated marketing theme.

Netconcepts CEO qucheng participants taking Mr Netconcepts as the world’s leading search engine marketing service providers, the selected elite team attended the 2013GOMX conference, one that will be the accumulation of Netconcepts in foreign business for many years experience with search marketing services and peer exchange, on the other hand also hope to take this opportunity to find more partners the future, to achieve win-win cooperation.

in the search session, we pay attention to, have a conversation, a collection of dianping贵族宝贝 chief traffic officer Lu Xin, Ctrip search engine marketing director Sun Bo, where the search marketing director Zhou Qiang, vice president Zhou Kai, dream bazaar website brand search marketing responsible person or company executives will gather in the GOMX search marketing special stage, asked the search marketing, worth looking forward to.

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