Depth analysis of the chain for the influence of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

more High quality ?The so-called

, the first thing to understand, what is the chain of

chain to explain, for example: if there is a link to their sites on another site, then this link is called the chain website.

four, how to get the chain

to improve the site weightSite weight

two, the chain for the role of


How to chain

depth analysis of the chain for Shanghai dragon optimization


we usually say that the PR value, is a kind of method for determining "level, the importance of Google launched a web site, the PR value can also reflect the quality of the site and welcomed by users, the PR value calculation method is a very complex process, but no algorithm how the chain of PR algorithm plays a decisive role. A website to get higher PR value, there must be a certain amount of high quality the chain, or the chain enough, love the stars that high quality of the chain is better than the effect to high PR value and better stability at the same time.

first Links is an important method to increase the chain, exchange Links when general for the home link, the home page is the highest weight as everyone knows in a website, so Links generation to the quality of the chain is also very good. But to remind the webmaster friends, exchange Links, must carry out regular review of links, avoid those affected by the search engines penalize sites that affect their website quality. In addition, the increase of the chain method and soft, blog, forum signature etc. many methods don’t work.

three, to obtain high quality

chain to meet at least one condition, which is the site outside the chain should have a higher PR value, so we need to understand what the website PR value high? For the PR value high site groups love the stars summarized into three categories: government agencies, well-known news website information portal, nonprofit website. If you can give your website in a few sites to do some chain of words, so for your site ranking, the weight will have a lot of help.

is well-known, and the chain layout factors including the architecture, website ranking website internal website content quality, keywords. The structure, quality and the content of the web site keywords layout is the basic content of Shanghai dragon, do not reach the ideal effect after all, a site to get good rankings and weight, we must pay attention to the construction of the chain site, so the chain has much influence on the optimization of Shanghai dragon today? Love the stars will give you a deep analysis of the chain for Shanghai dragon optimization.

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