Do website traffic monitoring by the noble baby Analytics tools

!This paper consists of method! According to the

four, keyword analysis

two, website traffic analysis

, GA: https://accounts.贵族宝贝/ServiceLoginAuth

three, the user viscosity analysis

for you

next let us look at what users see on our website in




before and after the set time of the inquiry, you can analyze your website traffic sources in the period, in turn down: through the search engine traffic from other sites; through traffic to bring referrals through direct access to traffic.

called GA is the nobility of the baby Analytics, use the GA tool can help you understand the site’s traffic sources, do website traffic into work, at the same time through the GA data analysis you can also understand the site visitors browsing demand, according to these data, you can know which keywords can give our website optimization bring traffic, understanding the web page each web page and viscosity flow, all these for us er Shanghai dragon is a very important reference data. Then in the usual work you are through the analysis of what data? First to share some of my

3, website bounce rate

er’s work in Shanghai dragon we always need to use some tools and data analysis of the entire project, and now we use statistical tools are also many, you can choose according to their own needs and habits, the effect of each of the tools are not the same, we need to explore in the work of


?The average number of pages, each user access to

2, each user retention time;


finally is the analysis of key words, to see which keywords you update the content to bring traffic more, turn down the order, at the same time can also export the method used before we say the relevant form carefully study.

first time can enter the background settings you want to query, and can export the data you want, automatic form.

air filter (贵族宝贝hefil贵族宝贝.cn/), small


baby aristocratic backgroundAfter


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