Whether or not we should look at the actual password to read the Shanghai dragon circle status

what enlightenment?

: a teacher taught the students why different.

we all know a teacher to teach students the same, why people will have 100 points, one would get 10 points? Similarly, we all know that Shanghai dragon combat password, believe that there are a lot of people buying this book, even read the book. Why there is no effect. In fact, the reason is very simple, because we do not know how to think. Most of the learners just executed, according to the book’s operation to imagine: we don’t have people that no other resources, huge contacts circle, then we use the method of operation can achieve what effect? Teaching book, why do we stand, do you have the effect. We can have other ways? Because of everyone’s laziness, just in the transcription, and no real understanding, not to think. So we just read, not really to read.

two: we did not dare to question the operation method of god.

recently had two days off and go home to see Zhu Weikun wrote: Shantou Shanghai dragon share Shanghai dragon actual combat password should read? This article simple to explain to you whether we should read Shanghai dragon combat password, of course this is also a good description of the webmaster in website optimization problems in the process of the present. Here the guardian not to say, interested friends can see. From this article raises some small thinking, I hope you can give us some reference.

for the website optimization, the industry also had some great God, here we are not to deny the methods and ideas of God, because they have a reputation in the industry, so their methods of operation, optimize their strategy, and even their usual articles are all regarded as a classic. How many people are actually to think: is it really true that I can do this? Shanghai dragon combat password is a good example of why the second revised version? Because version first is wrong, it does not fully consider the contents of these elements in the second edition was before we regarded as a classic, even after the second edition, we still insist that the classic. Most of the webmaster friends because do not understand this, so the operation method of blindly copying others. "

this morning just logged on to QQ, there are friends talk about love Shanghai was updated, for the news, the guardian does not want to say, after all, the search engine update is a normal phenomenon. But everyone Tucao is a large area of the site is reduced, a lot of friends may not understand why, so most of the webmaster friends in the forum recently asked: blind your site included number is reduced, what is the reason. But there is still a lot of careful friends found deleted are basically spam, duplicate content. A better description of love in Shanghai to purify the Internet environment. Return to the topic, whether we should read Shanghai dragon combat password, can give the webmaster friends

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