What kind of user experience is consistent with the search engine needs to experience (three)

an article we mainly introduced and analyzed the content of user needs, and the content of this article we mainly study the common to most users, they introduce products, specifications, prices are what kind of value orientation, and one of the words of this is many webmaster headache problem, because Internet users are capricious, they are often not able to seize the mainstream ideology, and this paper is to teach the webmaster to catch the main user demand products, specifications, prices below into the mainstream, theme.

Product specifications to demand

introduced to every user demand for products from the quality of two words, when it comes to our presentation for the needs of users must be based on the quality of product, jiaduobao drink or Wang Laoji’s friends must know why jiaduobao to the same packaging, also is the familiar taste for advertising language, a direct some say: the brand and quality of jiaduobao value is the product of excellent quality, before Wang Laoji, and jiaduobao chose to use this advertisement to beat Wang Laoji. It is also an advertising language so that JDB in the mainland almost overshadowed Wang Laoji, most only have I do not know there is Wang Laoji jdb. We can see whether we are doing what kind of products, the quality in the first place is correct, not the quality of the language user is not love the introduction.

users need strict and most users connected, different products have different specifications of products such as notebook computer industry, the proportion of our most 16:9, most users in the eyes of our bedroom size must be greater than 10 square meters, which is the common product specifications. We do products on the Internet may have launched innovative products, but the new launch reflects not more than 20% in total product specifications, more than this number perhaps users will not trust you, will think your product is confusing.

different users of the same products, specifications, prices may vary, but in the same behind one thing for sure is the same, that is the product quality, so the quality of our products is also a breakthrough, only to love the quality win users to be able to take the next step. Even if the quality of the products are not up to the standard, but also to talk about the product introduction, product specifications and product introduction


in the face of the user demand for the product price, I think the price factor is considered best, no matter what kind of product has a bottom line price, for example, we bought a iPhone4 mobile phone, although the iphong4 mobile phone factory for several years, but in the majority of users in the eyes of the bottom line is more than 3000 yuan, if the price less than 3000 yuan a lot of users that are smuggled goods or copycat machine, but if more than 3500 yuan many users do not buy, so for the price factor in consideration is to take a middle number, such as you want to sell the TV market in the lowest price 4000 yuan, but the Internet also has more than 2000.

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