The webmaster why love called love Shanghai

casually scolded, is of no help

Shanghai is a love in the search field and technology are very powerful, they want the future to develop more perfect is inevitable. Whenever my site was K, first of all I will think about your why the station will be closed, and then I will know what to do next station. Because the site all the links, are their own handling, consciousness naturally have about the answer, so the whole process took less than just a few minutes.


however, many webmaster is not the first time to take care of their own future, but to care about is called love Shanghai common people may encounter, it will make some people feel that they are not the only unlucky, at least know what other people are with their psychological suffering, feel better. Finally, he was also imperceptibly the same class of people infected by go together until the formation of the big and small scold, don’t scold love Shanghai uncomfortable habit.

As Jobs

in reality, since I really began to slowly become sensible, rational, not.

Bill Gates: sometimes you associate with them, sometimes you fell out with them. Zuckerberg: I just feel like they did. Please Study hard predecessor thinking, learn from others’ work attitude. Want to be a sensible person, scold, actually is a kind of form, in the work not because of not open to scold. Also, the sun small house blog has been that many predecessors in the Internet are mixed, like Bill and Zach did a very strong mentality, when there is a need to face the problem correctly, can make people’s emotions to maintain the correct way to look at.

although I usually do not love watching movies too much, but also suggest that you look at the "Silicon Valley legend" and "the social network".


, as well as more powerful mentality. Only to establish the common interests of the people to do the enemy, when the opponent once determined, must be determined to outdo each other, or to say more, but not to the destination and, finally the injured is your heart hit. So sensible, without any waste of spirit of folly, or draw back only a lot to complain at the ghost. The most typical example, unless Zhou Hongyi did have the strength through their own form that is to defend our own interests.

but in fact, those every day in Shanghai called love, you have not thought you really should go to scold, scold? May help you increase blood pressure, reduce the psychological burden, let colleagues think you may know, you simply can not play any role in the economy, when you are scolded or care when others are called already back, also let others know that you are how weak people.

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