The Shanghai dragon Er should be changed from the business owners to make money thinking


1, directly through the love of Shanghai bidding

so these enterprises mainly is how to make money? The money here refers to the network this way to run your own business. Also a few enterprise stand optimization, through the communication with them, I found that their thinking is very unique. And through the network sales career has also done considerable success, following man put some of the methods they share together with our Shanghai dragon er.

if the ER contact is our Shanghai dragon small earn a living word, so that we can optimize the website of business owners is earning large quantities of gold each day. The cost of living only for our survival, if you really want to change myself, it is very necessary that Study hard under their thinking.

site optimization method

this way comes more slowly, and sometimes not very stable. However, if it is a little tech savvy business owner, when the Shanghai dragon Er put it to a certain stage of site optimization, he is the best to play this website effect. For example, maybe 3 months only to a customer, but the customer became his permanent.


purchase way

is not the best Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, so the most effective way of ranking is not directly through the auction system to love Shanghai? As long as the price, set the appropriate keywords, can be said to be able to easily play a sleight of hand. The key is that we did not find the road to Rome. Some people are making profits through the auction, the famous Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, 200 yuan a click is visible, auction market. Of course, this case is disgusting competition consequences, if you can find a not so bad a competitive product or industry, we might go on a road. Of course, people did not go to do this, but the method is worth pondering.

has a lot of enterprise sales, is a shell company, the product is directly from the factory with the others. But this way to avoid the risk of bidding, only need to spend thousands of dollars to buy a suitable software, if the software used properly, can be said to join what advertising alliance, or directly to the bidding cost advantage is very obvious. I know there is a business owner, is to buy a skycc combination marketing software, put him to sell the information to send to him that tens of thousands of industry site, now the company is he a person, the present results have done we dare not imagine. Of course, this is not possible failure we can well make good use of the function of comprehensive software. Since people can do well, we should be able to do heart. This way, there is a personal practical experience, of course, I do not have to sell products, this is I released a small function with its chain. There is a valve industry site Dong’ou valve network do in this respect is very good.

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