The results of example by keyword search

can be found, the word is marked red keyword search. Most of the web page title at least three times, ranking first in the website appeared 5 times, is the most. Although the keywords, ranking are also good, but the title is not good. The page title is basically a bunch of similar words. Click the search power where? I’m afraid that no can let users interested to click. There is no difference in the title, this is the site of all ills. Why not good title? Because everybody is too cares, for fear of what the word is not written in to obtain ranking.


No difference in

write a title to master the principle:

will be much better description of the situation, at least write good. The first written is poor, is the keyword, nothing special. Write better is the third and last. That not only has a long history (20 years, 30 years), also stated the status of the enterprise (national standard drafting unit, the first production of one of the manufacturers), and illustrates the main products of their own (electromagnetic flowmeter is given), free consultation telephone user contact. This description can prompt users to click on, because the information to increase trust website.

Each one has its own merits

2, the title contains words, words in general title page contains the 3-5, should not be too much.

therefore, when we design the title, don’t just consider putting the various key words must be combined with the user needs, to allow the user to remember the brand or advertisement may be better. For example, written: "high quality flowmeter instrument Moumou only fixed-point supporting enterprise quality first", I think such a title, can arouse the user clicks.

we know that the page title is the first window of the web page to the user to show the important position, it is self-evident that. The importance of the title, let a lot of optimization people regard it as the keyword positions, the author is no exception, also failed to escape the shackles of thinking, just to see this picture, just thinking.

give you a picture, the picture is in love with Shanghai after the home page search flow results, see such a result so I think a lot of. What are the similarities between these results? What is the difference? If you think carefully, you can find a lot of problems behind.

3, not more than 30 words in the title, the best in less than 28, which also calculated symbols.

4 can be the best title, keywords blend, written in a sentence or two, to find the difference.

write a description to master the original.



1, the title should be concise, to highlight the theme, brand, advertising language.

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