The problem of extensive chain network favorites

network favorites?

today, for everyone to talk about the construction of the chain of second classes of widespread social bookmarking and network favorites, these two things have a lot of domestic and foreign, the most common are the network favorites, this thing is good, but the weapon of the chain, today Wuhan Shanghai dragon Zhao Xinyu emphatically to everyone said skills about network favorites and network favorites directly, and blog problems in the last of the chain wide group to build a text, slightly mentioned favorites to the sprocket, you detail.

network favorites is actually a very basic reason is for the chain, which is the most fundamental and key, and network favorites, there are the following advantages:

1.: network stability is relatively stable, will not change because of various reasons, even in the network to provide the collection site revision process, the network can also get special protection of the superior, because this is the user’s individual assets, in order to attract and respect the user site, generally do not have a great change to the network; has experienced two major changes, also encounter blocked 3 days of doom, remained stable in the network favorites.

in addition, looking for any network favorites. "

, why do

first, is its own search, and then summarizes the accumulation, can love Shanghai, Google search: network favorites, at least that you can find dozens of available network favorites.

two, how to choose network favorites


second, looking for available resources, for example, I have been here for a good summary of resources.

we also say, do network favorites is to the chain, is a chain of words, it must be reverse link is included a page to, so we have to find the network favorites, try to find some weight is high, the snapshot is relatively new, included faster clip collection.

2. diversity: the support network of the website has a lot of, as long as the unremitting efforts, the rapid establishment of a chain across the whole network is not impossible.

3.: one-way chain that is one-way links, need to do not submit URL links, not only save the site a lot of trouble, but also can greatly assist the Shanghai dragon! To promote their website can be free, and get the chain, improve the site weight, get traffic.

4. persistence: you can easily enter the target page of web pages using network favorites. When a page is website users to collect, search engines will focus on this page, then give higher weights. And don’t worry about the basic network favorites are removed, because it is submitted by the user, we can brush a little more, some registered account, much of the collection, then we will collect the natural page.

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