With the loss of the domestic ten years of development of Shanghai Dragon

05 years in the second half to 06 years in September, Shanghai dragon technical expansion reached the fullness degree, many individuals and groups in Shanghai Longfeng reckless with greed by enterprise quick psychological, make "black hat" technology spread on the Internet, Shanghai dragon industry is cut according to the stage of the pack, dragons and fishes jumbled together and even the industry. Retrogressions. Message board, application of a large number of links and so on the wrong methods, let this industry is full of reverse the crisis, also make many enterprises become uninformed of these errors are, not the enterprise station was closed, the domain name is black, experienced such a labor pains, Shanghai dragon from the industry are aware of the formal exception, specialization is an inevitable way, black hat slowly spurned by the people.

04 at the end of the year to 05 in the first half, Shanghai dragon on the importance of the website has emerged, enterprises and companies are beginning to realize the importance of Shanghai dragon, aimed at the business opportunities. At that time there have been as many as hundreds of Shanghai dragon company, preliminary optimization method has been unable to meet the needs of customers, so there are a number of research personnel began to optimize the tentacles extend to by means of connection and message board of Shanghai dragon, with more foresight BLOG also pulled into the Shanghai Phoenix camp, Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods in the process of evolution has grown up rapidly.

03 years to 04 years, Shanghai dragon enters our country market, but did not attract enough attention. This moment the baby has just entered the market Chinese nobility, ranking technology is pure noble baby optimization, as long as the modified title, tags, keywords bold and simple processing, the website ranking can be in the home. At that time, almost no Chinese engaged in Shanghai dragon industry personnel, some research and learning information is translated from abroad, these data laid the current Shanghai dragon started the first step.

10 in the first half of this year so far, the concept of brand has been described on the rear as a foundry enterprise is a traditional Chinese >

China Shanghai dragon after nearly ten years of development, in a melee in deus ex, once again deadlocked, in-depth analysis of Shanghai dragon road of development, is not only a longitudinal grasp of the industry, it is through effective analysis on the prospects of the industry and the future do a proactive planning.

06 years to 10 years, Shanghai Dragon technology training institutions began to rise, Shanghai Dragon Technology Popularization Road on the right track, before a large number of advanced software instead of manual cumbersome, formal company also found their way to Shanghai dragon in the last stage of the melee, step into the right path. Many of the company’s network department, began to Shanghai dragon as a regular occupation training and expansion. In this sense, more and more companies began to realize their website needs whether it is because Shanghai dragon, company image, culture or direct business interests, the concept of Shanghai dragon starts to penetrate into the size of the enterprise. Facing the market situation more and more severe, who want to fight a space for one person on the internet.

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