Shanghai dragon beat enemy, the 5 rules of competition!

a personal influence in society, is often reflected by the circle of contacts, so a website like this, its influence in the Internet is much, often through the reverse link page to calculate, this number is usually proportional to, so we analyze a site’s competitiveness, is the primary analysis it’s home to how many backlinks, as for how to query, there are many tools available in Shanghai Longfeng, Xiao Bian here is not to recommend


Shanghai dragon The search flow

2, social media share number

There is no doubt that !

home page link number

is now part of pay can be analyzed to these indicators, but the price will be relatively high, for ordinary webmaster, if you want to free inquiry, but also can think carefully, there is a way, but it may not be accurate enough, here Xiaobian for everyone to stay when a question.

, a site investigation of Shanghai Longfeng obtained the level of weight, must be analyzed from it get much traffic through the Shanghai dragon, how many words, especially the number of keywords ranking, the top 10, the number of keywords and the top 3, Webmaster Platform this data are generally available the corresponding keywords, the corresponding URL, and keywords ranking, relatively accurate estimate of the flow, by the number of keywords, and pre >


is a mature Shanghai dragon project at the beginning of the line, there will be an imaginary enemy, is your competitors, we in the operation of Shanghai Longfeng project, often look at competitors website, we can use a lot of mature Shanghai dragon tools at present, make effective analysis on the target competitors, today we first from the 3 aspects of the core competitiveness of a website: website home page, the relevant index represents the core competitiveness of the whole website is the most obvious manifestation of weight.

Shanghai Longfeng tool !

3 home (Shanghai dragon estimated to flow)

and many webmaster was also through the Tencent micro-blog text chain made a high weight, bring the flow of more than 10000. Many novice webmaster, will have questions, we can query through what tool related indicators,

in recent years, the search engine to evaluate a website’s influence, is not to rely on the site before, the link between the analysis of simple, but with the adjustment and upgrading of the algorithm constantly from all aspects of a comprehensive consideration of the competitiveness of the site, particularly important here is that social media links stock, such as: Sina, micro-blog Tencent micro-blog, watercress, each big media platform, the search engine will try to continue to grasp and analysis of social media data, so as to judge a site in the influence of social media, the early a few years ago, when micro-blog launched the Tencent, love Shanghai for its capture and analysis, particularly frequent

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