Shanghai dragon is a sandwich

service users, due to the lack of understanding for Shanghai dragon, that there is a one-sided understanding, cause the Shanghai dragon does not trust or not see Shanghai dragon well. In a word, not that good results, but also let users want to give up. If, can be effective to show the target time is shortened, allowing users to see the actual effect of Shanghai Longfeng, might not have now. This is an analysis of user needs analysis and keyword demand synchronization problems show how to more effectively. Shanghai Longfeng process is slow, but can quickly grasp the target is the key.

is not difficult to see the current problems, the biggest reason is that "". "The world, are to benefit; the world Rangrang, are all benefits to". No, there’s no chance, it will not be the current al8o overgrown state. Of course, from the beginning, Shanghai Longfeng are speculative profit mentality, the future development is more and more obvious, that it was unable to stop. Which resulted in a short time in army rapidly, uneven water products, no industry standard system to follow. But, as the search engine algorithm to love Shanghai authority reform, reshaping the industry harmonious atmosphere. Also, some water poor practitioners fooled users, the Shanghai dragon greatly impressed the Shanghai dragon suffered unrighted wrong.

In the face of problem?

so, why is there a sandwich layer



real Shanghai dragon is not a sandwich layer, for the site, Shanghai dragon have important role in the construction site, site operators. Love Shanghai to launch a search engine optimization guide, is to regulate the enterprise users or webmaster strictly, to really get the search engine and users of all ages. Love Shanghai webmaster tools and the introduction of various algorithms introduced, is gradually in the Shanghai Longfeng forward in the established norms, as little as possible to be present or not is not conducive to the survival state of various websites.

recently, a station in the sandwich layer of the voice continued, the Shaanxi Shanghai dragon also thought, Shanghai dragon is a sandwich? The answer to this question, there is no definite answer. Can say, Shanghai dragon is not a sandwich layer, but the fact is the status of Shanghai dragon in the sandwich layer. For the status quo of Shanghai dragon, as we all know, subject to the search engine and user two sandwich, which is a very real problem.

search engine on the one hand upgrade algorithm, called to enhance the user experience, preferably high quality content, but in fact each evolution algorithm will have a number of sites not clear involvement, reminiscent of "would rather kill one thousand also did not miss a shiver all over though not cold.". As we know, the purpose of search engine is good, but did not make a compliment. Being injured in many sites, but also have not the same degree of decline in the degree of user experience. The user experience is a double-edged sword, it is not good, hurt the user also let search engine not enjoy popular support.

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