Ten days 7 of the weight of the decryption of God what is the real master station

recently in the new algorithm to love Shanghai, a large number of the site is down right, K station. The webmaster all carefully to do optimization, deep fear of love Shanghai killing, but the Chinese novels stand is the opposite, in the 10 days actually increased by 100 thousand or so the chain, this number is very terrible, included more than 50 thousand is also very dangerous, so the new station is very easy to love Shanghai that is collected the station, and the direct result is accounted for by K, love Shanghai now on acquisition of the site is without mercy. So why the station didn’t be K?

I think there are two possible reasons: first, love Shanghai algorithm is not perfect, this novel is a station ", has not been a fish escaped through the Seine" love Shanghai algorithm detected second sites, Shanghai love flow of more than 160 thousand, a very frightening figure. Love Shanghai algorithm which should be taken to the flow problem of a web site, like this every day like Shanghai traffic site should be special care. But it is also the author of the conjecture, can be set up, but also to observe a period of time, if this site has would be K, then new chain too much will be K’s argument is untenable.

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I saw an article on the A5: ten days 7 of the weight of Shanghai Dragon Technology and thinking collision, you can read this article, the ten day Shanghai weight 7, love of Shanghai is expected to flow more than 160 thousand, for the Shanghai dragon, is simply a myth. In 10 days can be so much traffic, but the domestic Shanghai dragon circles and how many people? If there are pictures and the truth:

doubt: why not be in love with this new sea K

so I am very puzzled three points, the first point, we all know that a new station in a massive increase in the chain in the short term is very dangerous, will generally be in the sandbox, serious point directly by K. Why can such a new safe and sound? Second, 10 days close to the chain 100 thousand is how to do it? Third, but anyway, the site of the Shanghai dragon worth learning, we learn is his thinking, rather than the Shanghai Dragon technology, the author makes analysis under the three questions below above:

you can domain it, here I will not screenshots, 10 days close to 100 thousand the chain, that is to say a day on average, ten thousand outside the chain, then you will say so many external chain how many people need to stop, to know the day ten thousand outside the number of chain is included. In fact, every day to release more than ten thousand of the chain. Domain data seriously look at this novel station you will understand, the station outside the chain of data from some of the same type of novel sites, and each of these novel website pages have appeared in this God station domain name, that is the equivalent of the entire station Links, novel station special >


two points: 10 days is how to do the 100 thousand outside the chain of

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