Shanghai dragon master what would you do if you encounter such a wonderful thing

first, Shanghai dragon novice lack direction

the interviewer: "in your concept, Shanghai dragon personnel in addition to the hair of the chain, also need to do those jobs?"


has just entered the state of Shanghai Longfeng novice, and most of them are 90, occupation technology itself is not particularly good, do not still not accustomed to listening to the boss’s criticism, many part is not happy, second days.

the interviewer: "doing the work in your previous time?"

recruitment for enterprises is a major event, more and more enterprises want to get more good talent through recruitment. Of course, in the enterprise in the recruitment, there is no shortage of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, site operations personnel, website promotion personnel to interview, and I from these wonderful interview situation, summed up the short board of marketing and optimization of the staff, do not know if you have not had the following things.

interview: "resume above is not written in a

interview: "there is a hair classification information, like other blogs, no"

interview: "I was just graduated, and I in the training school of knowledge of Shanghai dragon. And did this work have some work experience."

I want to join the Shanghai dragon training, are not what the students’ sense of direction in their work or goals, these people only see others in this industry to find work; in addition, some students are basically just graduated, in school and did not learn to find work skills. This caused their blindness in technical training, training after the completion of blind resume, which caused these people to work with.

through this dialog above, let me think of as Shanghai dragon industry professionals, really need to go down to look at the book, really need to enrich myself, I could not let this industry can not keep up the pace.

is perhaps the entry because earlier, all things look more open, then your mind open, always feel too lack of knowledge, every day want to read more books, learn new knowledge. However, through the company’s recruitment, found some Shanghai Longfeng novice needs immediately improved:

Interviewer: "

pro, although I have read your resume, I let you introduce yourself to live this way, to understand the expression ability of the interviewer. Meet this interview, I was rendered speechless.

the interviewer: "could you introduce"

: a situation

the interviewer: "what time did you graduate from? Are good at those things?"

Most of the students

is mainly responsible for the chain work."

The Situation two:

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