Red tiger my Taobao TrilogySuddenly the run the edge network neither the company, nor the unfamiliar

, a philosopher once said that: "a person afraid to do anything, must go through three stages, the first stage, the mountain is mountain, water is water; the second stage, the mountain is not a mountain, water is not water; the third stage, the mountains or the mountain, see water or water." I like when the beginner painting process, in my childhood, perhaps not what the teacher taught me to paint, I also according to their own instincts and talents to draw, Xiaoyouchengjiu is small when the children take part in exhibition has made some achievements, grow up, draws to a certain stage, I want to draw better, which requires a teacher guidance and some methods to improve the painting skills, such as what the sketch and color techniques. As a master of painting to do until a certain level, painting skills and methods all already into your blood and life, can be completely without any skills and methods of the constraints, relying solely on instinct, arbitrary play and self-contained. although I didn’t, I saw it.. The reason is that these three stages, mainly with me in the past few months, Taobao’s experience in making money has a lot to do with.

Mobile Age mobile Internet entrepreneur

and Lily network of different emotional rendering, the net of advertising is quite simple and clear: find objects, on the net, one hundred and thirty-six million three hundred and twenty thousand users are in the net to find objects…… So many people, I’m afraid I can’t find it!

do not know how many people like me, during the Spring Festival by the elders care forced at the same time, but also full of resentment at occasionally appeared on the television screen dating website advertising. Not the same as in previous years, in addition to traditional Jiayuan, Lily network, this year more than a seems to have never heard of a net margin.

what is this concept? According to the national population and Family Planning Commission released at the end of 2012 the "2012 ~ 2013 China concept of marriage survey report", the total number of unmarried population over the age of 18 in China 249 million. That is to say, the many people are quite strange dating sites may cover more than half of the domestic single people, and as the first listed Jiayuan dating sites China, only registered users billions of dollars in January this year has just announced.


Taobao customers earn the first stage: headless flies stage

! Although The

Dong ship in doing predestined relationship network before, engaged in work and SP related, also take this to touch China’s early mobile Internet

and before 2010, the mobile phone market could be said to be the world of functional machines. The Internet on PC, but for those who have little contact PC opportunities for people, the function of machine Wap "became their main method of connecting line of the world, for example, I still remember the day when their university public courses in the brush on the web page of NOKIA, a month after the 40M brush does not flow.

Chinese largest mobile dating website what backing? Counterparts in high-profile fighting, this suddenly run out the website actually said their users are most focus on the mobile terminal; that, in the social APP show, mainly rely on the charge of the business model can allow themselves in the era of functional machine to "win" the Enron users the fast transition? Carp interviewed the founder edge network also try to ship Dong, development stroked a stroke this "mystery".

everyone began to join Taobao customers, basically by Taobao, those weeks earn tens of thousands of yuan, Taobao guest stimulation, is the so-called others meat, I drink some soup is also good. "Money making effect" is the best advertising, just like investors if there is no money effect, I believe that no one is willing to enter the stock market. Also entered the threshold of Taobao customers, I was deeply aware of Ma’s words of strength: "today is very cruel, tomorrow is very cruel, the day after tomorrow is very good, and most people fell in the evening tomorrow."." Ideal is very good, the reality is cruel, not for this resource no advantage not the experience of the "three new guest" me, so it is. Although early I had to do the experience, understand some of HTML’s fur, will Dreamweaver and PS skills, but Taobao customers should do I really myself on the spectrum, although the forum master article read a lot, has done a lot of homework, but still not to the point, quite a few detours. Although I started is built up by a static page dozens of HTML website, but compared to those "single page Prince" Taobao customer master, really is a day where not, on the surface of almost all the things we do, actually far away. – realm. So, right or God helps those who help themselves, diligent, I know the method are used, what forum, blog, group promotion ah are used, everything is a useful method for testing, with much useless, give up. May be I can speak and write the reason, later developed much later, also can write like "red tiger: Amoy money success blog marketing" article, also be recommended to the home page of Taobao alliance. So, after the headless flies everywhere chaos hit a few times, it is all hard money, they are hard, even Benniao first.

edge network was founded in July 2007, then Jiayuan, Lily network these can be said to have begun to take shape, the investment also took several turns, in June of that year, Jiayuan has just announced its $10 million investment from Qiming.

is the same love and marriage website, but the predestined relationship net has not started from the beginning "the positive battle"". At that time, Jiayuan, lily, cherish these are the market leader in the high-end route, starting from the PC end, aiming for high education, high income white-collar crowd, with age to meet their urgent needs of marriage.

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