Network marketing manager of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and some suggestions


if you are just entering the industry or novice, do not expect high salary, salary is directly linked with your ability. The specific performance of the ability in the normal enterprise normal ratio is 1:5, 1:3 is the least proportion, if the company give you 2K salary, you create a comprehensive interest 6K the least. This refers to the comprehensive benefit, may your age experience, and personal effects are likely to Laifu with revenue generation. The company is a comprehensive index. If this knowledge is not clear. This is a big problem, need to seriously reflect on. The company could not do business at a loss. The development of enterprises to make money.

for the needs of the development of the company, recently released recruitment Shanghai Longfeng personnel information. I just just responsible for this batch of candidates for interview. Because the feeling of the industry highly fierce. At the same time for the people very much, of course there are more problems. Want to here through some of my personal experience and experience. The main talk about some views on Optimization of enterprise marketing personnel. I hope this article caused all this hobby industry friends or friends ready to enter the industry pay more attention to.

to each interviewer, a question is: first I have to ask your site optimization, Shanghai Phoenix this knowledge from there, reading, watching, or training? Many novice in the face of this problem, almost stunned, not answer. In fact, my question is mainly to clarify a point of view: the company personnel need solid theory, followed by the actual combat. Reading is one of my many hobbies. If there is no solid theoretical foundation to guide, light with some skills are difficult to deal with the network marketing environment of today’s complex, especially the information explosion now search engine changes frequently and various kinds of social media marketing. This paper is divided into three problems are discussed.

almost just started this industry novice, will focus on a big problem: how to do up the rankings. Even a lot of people think that the recruitment of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, is to do rankings. This is a personal cognitive problem, and also a leading company of cognitive problems. Plainly. The recruitment of the post, to be solved is how to make more money, most of the companies don’t really care about that kind of means for you. You should be aware that even when the candidates will be asked a lot of technical means, but also want to understand whether you are qualified for this position, can give the company more money. This must be understood. If you don’t have enough height to clarify your ability. Hold around the core of the enterprise, even if you are a master, it is difficult to find a satisfactory job, unless you start a company.


third questions: the various stages of the professional ability need to know those

for the novice, we must first understand the concepts of the theory, know what is the structure of the website, the chain, inside the chain.

cognitive problems on ability

the first question: salary cognition.

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