On the purchase link and buy those things flow


you should know, Alexa Rankings can estimate a website’s traffic is not very accurate, but not an order of magnitude difference (ps:, many people use the brush ranking software, I feel the brush should be PV, I don’t know), I feel to buy traffic flow better than brush, buy traffic is pop ads, is true, can show to the user, but before I in order to test, test a website construction of our website, then buy 500 IP $6, 5 days, every day of the package, the website of Alexa > these days


that only tried people know, everyone can be free to analyze some group purchase group purchase or navigation station, these sites are relatively new, see the YAHOO chain, You’ll see. purchase link is indeed a very good method for

Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, reasonable use of the method will be very smooth, unreasonable, even if you don’t see what I! Many Shanghai dragon to a website that is hard to send the chain, where can I send a link where there is his imprinting, every day more can send a 200, can Send a few dozens of, have the effect multiplied by 0.5, so the Shanghai dragon really tired, the only way which must be passed but also a successful Shanghai dragon

everybody should have some link to sell harassment, sell well, link has become a small industry, many large companies, many large web sites are their main customers. Our small owners generally rely on the exchange of Links, so as to improve the weight of our website, we hope that when exchanging links can change to high, high rankings included PR, Alexa, and many high ranking and flow index, each person’s standard is not the same. Find high quality Links is a very easy thing to do

buy links need to pay attention to, buy links must be one-time buy a lot of links, not a one-time multiple links are added. Is the last time I spent 500 yuan to buy, then 10pr6 and PR5 6, a total of 16 sites, and then I want to do website altogether 4 words, 4 words are quite competitive, so each keyword corresponds to 4 sites, and four days on this approach! You should understand that

!The effect of


search engine algorithm has been changed, the cyclical change, but Links attention has not changed, or some new low weight site difficult to find high quality Links, so the purchase link has become the best way to improve website weight.

buy links


Shanghai dragon no shortcuts, only follow the prescribed order, in many ways, others say are the clouds, only their own practice to know good or bad! Radish to buy links and buy the flow of this two

talk about their own views!

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