Jin Penghui Shanghai dragon optimization is not omnipotent webmaster you haven’t awake

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Shanghai dragon is not omnipotent

network marketing is not difficult at all, to a simple sentence can be summed up. It is the release of a large amount of information, so that a large number of users to see. This and our usual offline marketing does not have what difference, and exactly the same as on television advertising concept. We need only in those higher exposure channels spend a certain amount of time and money can achieve a certain effect! Such a simple thing was the most overlooked. Shanghai Longfeng cost is relatively low, but the risk is not Shanghai dragon. Now the search engine abnormal everybody is obvious to people, ranking up and down, usually a station to maintain a relatively good rankings take several months, if one day error is search engine punishment to station K. This almost said a lot of time is wasted. I believe that a company boss does not want to see this situation. They would rather spend some money is not willing to do such a risky thing, by Shanghai dragon optimization to determine the development of the company, the risk coefficient of this approach is too high. Not to mention now the social pressure of competition is so big, even if you are not wrong peer competitors will not easily give you beyond his opportunity. Our marketing should be diversified. To build a brand than to build a website of higher value. Although the number of Internet users in China has been increasing, but really don’t really play the network of people. Even our company specializes in network staff are also directly love Shanghai, then to search on the site name Chinese. Want to do marketing habits that could not ignore users. It will need to release a large amount of information, analysis and other companies, the channels of publicity can be appropriate to do some good investment. We can.

too many owners still shopping every day in the station network learning Shanghai Longfeng, there are more and more people in Shanghai Longfeng circle. Since that meeting Shanghai Longfeng a website or can dictate the fate of a company. I want to say is Shanghai dragon is not omnipotent, not everyone will play the Shanghai dragon can reach that state, that only a few people. Most play Shanghai Longfeng play good in training. Why? I believe that most of the Internet Co are Shanghai dragon optimization consultant, but Shanghai Longfeng jobs can not be regarded as a top company, it only belongs to a subordinate department website operation Department in this situation, especially in large companies. Shanghai dragon well done can be profitable, but it can’t decide the fate of a company. We look at the big Internet Co is to rely on the technology of sustainable development. 58 city Ganji Jiayuan??? Potatoes?? or the group purchase website? We can make an example: if I give you 10 million what should you spend the money? Don’t want to find the 1000 edition, 1000 1000, the chain of stations? If you really do not let people laugh.

network marketing should be diversified

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