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search engine, recently found in the blog this "station group" strategy, the effect seems to decline, many popular keywords ranking has to sink, a few weeks ago found like a startling step by step, dumping the world Princess of these popular words are very front row, but it is still the highest exclusive long tail keywords as shown in figure

recently group in this research station, but it is not that we often say that the own station consists of the station group, but the use of free blog to form. Some time ago found in the search keywords, a lot of very popular keywords from the gold blog, it seems a simple blog, which actually hiding this many secrets not to be divulged, it is a combination of a lot of gold in the blog, each blog article for each chain, each page is basically very similar, but different content then, through the jump or guide the user to enter the Taobao customer, to obtain the benefits.


actually inside the content is very chaotic, purely to do rankings, the content of the blog has the following characteristics, one is the title of the article based on the long tail keywords accumulation, two related topics to blog and blog articles each other, and then just copy an article, keywords accumulation, thus to get good rankings, as shown in figure

seems like a very simple blog "stations", but it is very difficult to implement, first in blog registration, is not as simple as before, before a software can easily registered hundreds of thousands, there is no need to register an account with a mobile phone number to verify, the first step on the threshold is very high, so many of my friends not stop, the second is to achieve the adjustment of the blog, and is also a difficult problem, how to let others to search keywords, click enter when in a second jump to their Taobao off the mall, it is a technical fix, the two step, the next will see your execution a large number of mining capacity, long tail keywords, log, mutual link is a huge work.

But with the change of

The above is my blog for

in "strategy stations", if a large number of long tail keywords layout, will bring a lot of long tail keywords, although brought by this popular TV series name may flow conversion rate is very low, in fact, this is only one of their operations, the introduction of long tail keywords correlation shop is there, for example, through some long tail word tea, introduced their own tea shop, the conversion rate is much higher to come. But we perform is not easy. The article by Ceng Yuwen (tea set 贵族宝贝zuipin.cn/chaju.html) original, reproduced indicate the source.

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