The search engine is not Shanghai Longfeng site inspection standard

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from small to large event inspection standards, inspection is the primary school homework when teachers or parents. We are now testing web search engine, for this problem, I do not think of. As the Shanghai dragon website test is what? Shanghai Longfeng food that user is the brother of Shanghai Longfeng site inspection standard. The search engine is not according to the website, but users, when you get the user group in favor, that your site will be search engine love. Now you know the search engine is to provide life core value for the user, is what we called the user experience, so that our website is to provide value for the user group. Then we must find out what are the user groups, for users to do effective work.

as the Shanghai dragon we no matter what kind website, the main purpose is for their own profit, is to make money, you come to our website, I offer you for your value, then I have to make money. As of now the electronic commerce website, this type of website is for the user group, is to sell their products. We must fully understand the user groups, search engine optimization work for selective. We put all user groups classified into two kinds, one is the intention of the user group, another invalid user groups. The intention of the user is the major consumer groups of customers, is the real need of such group of information users, the users will generally through the search engine to search the information they want, when the search to our website, there is a need for users, this is a kind of intention of user groups, these groups of users is what I want. Invalid user groups, refers to some peer competitors, through the search engine or search engine bidding way to our website, we put this kind of not profitable customer base that is not a valid user groups. So we should make it clear to all user groups.

different types of web user groups are not the same, the electronic commerce website based on their website for different products, the user group is different, we need for this type of groups to be analyzed for effective data analysis in this part of the user group. Such as seborrheic alopecia this kind of user group consists of patients with hair loss friends, according to user groups for young people, the elderly, or the elderly, especially in the elderly, elderly people on the Internet is not understood, but did not dare believe that online shopping. You will think this is the webmaster, users not directly in the online payment, but do not know what is like Alipay trading platform, so the products do cash on delivery. This kind of user to buy such products, this is a very simple analysis of user groups. There is a group of users, is a peer competitor, competitor click. We can tool to analyze this kind of data, the intention of customers click and invalid click on customer classification, and then on our website home page for better optimization, to achieve a user wants to purchase desire, so as to reduce the site bounce rate.

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