We are all search engines play.

5, marketing products

this kind of news media only occasionally ranked in the home page, is very unstable, as if our products stand, love Shanghai happy to let you on Lulu face, not happy, who knows where you rank.

classified information network before the ranking is also occupies the main position, but the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted, this kind of website has dropped in the rankings, keywords I am doing the lottery, only in the search for some lottery software development of such words, they will see the rankings, the ranking is also occasionally his words to the home page.

optimization is the lottery lottery website, marketing software products, the site a few months before ranking good results, recently also constantly strengthen optimization. The recent love Shanghai algorithm change, ranking out to page 3. I don’t rule out what I have problems in optimization, but the change is not a product of my ranking station, so the competition was ranked in the home also dropped to the 3 page.

web 贵族宝贝e00001贵族宝贝/softb/wzsj.html, lottery lottery lottery website construction, software and so on these words, you will find many download sites, lottery information ranking has certain advantages, these sites generally do not occupy the home in the. People website content, I have nothing to say, and they cannot fight ranking is egg stone.

3, I mainly


1, large website ranking occupy a large advantage

2, Shanghai love their products

If you search for



recently in love have certain experience in Shanghai algorithm, but only for the lottery I optimized keywords. I have a friend to optimize the net loan products, ranking is very stable, little change in ranking. Different industry competitiveness, ranking is also different. Below I from the lottery website making these keywords and we analyzed variation of search engine. This is enough to explain that we are all search engines play.

Shanghai love their products is an important platform for many webmaster do promotion, this can also be understood, their own things are selfish, don’t sell yourself for that fool. Such as Shanghai, Shanghai love love love, know the Encyclopedia of Shanghai library from time to time will occupy one or two positions.

classification information website

we are all search engines play, recently the search engine algorithm also adjusted, so I had to sigh. We are all search engine to the nose, especially enterprise station, face the adjustment algorithm without return force. Why would I be such a sigh? We all know when no stable website ranking, you may try hard in optimizing a website, but love Shanghai algorithm change, even if you optimize in good ranking will fall, this is uncontrollable factors.

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