Website must master the five basic functions of Shanghai Dragon

published daily quality content, but Baidu spider does not ask about that is the very painful operation, thus to establish the high quality of the chain and the access channel, the old station on many outside the chain of strong there is no problem. If your site is new and small chain.

website layout is the basis of

This is the first

, a web site layout is conducive to the survival of visitors know your site architecture and organized, more conducive to crawl and index, here recommend home program content page how tree layout should be simple, not messy. In order to advance the power to make web spiders crawl, site map and robots files to tutor the spider is very demand conditions to select the partner using static pages, how to be more harmonious spider.

3, on time is the key of

2, to create high-quality content is the key of

The release of

in website optimization, website is very important. Therefore, we should pay attention to five basic points can not forget the website:

high quality content is an important part of search engine website score, I think there are two key, first created, followed by the association and website content. Unable to write own partner to learn some pseudo own tricks, followed by the release of the content to the theme associated with the site positioning, such as my shop is firm Taobao navigation station, I release the content mostly with Taobao trademark related topic, how about whether the user will search engine, is a pole the value, but also to create high-quality website on website weight selection is the only way which must be passed, the role of no great importance.

1, the

5, the chain channel is to ensure that


should show in the first web page like the homepage, can also apply in other pages to the latest release of content and anchor text point to the new content page, how do the policy is to obstruct the layers of card from your spider site other page sensitive arrived in the new content page, create key and conditions for Baidu seconds. From the long-term point of view within the site launched, the chain set on selection of website weight is also very good.

to publish new content, let a website to update the same rules, and let the spider found this rule over time capture, this is Baidu seconds a very crucial factor. Such as meals on time and date, how to update the rules which, when the spider came. The other is the quantitative release, adhere to a stable number every day, not a ten article today, tomorrow, will let the search engine think your site is not the same kind of variable, and avoid being right down into the sand box.

The new publication

4, a key chain layout in

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