To the end of the Shanghai dragon practitioners

the above two points are mentioned in the two end of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, after all is the competition destroyed the spiritual pillar of the original building, then our twilight city in which


: the industry

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Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are established according to the logic of thinking began combat operations, but we can reverse the operation, using our hands accumulated resources to develop our own field, for example, we want to do a pure or help with a web site or a platform to help for some users, providing information access and interpretation of knowledge, not consider the interests of the gains and losses. I want to do as long as you have the idea of Wikipedia and the ability, then you are the next Wikipedia, one had to let us with.


is the natural survival of the fittest competition opponents, but unfortunately in the domestic Internet portal competition mechanism in the performance of the most incisive. We are not too weak, we are not without capital, more than the introduction of foreign capital, and is one of the fundamental problems, our attitude is disorderly competition, how profitable products can do, can use the means will use most of all, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners transformation product does not seem to do so easy, even with some regret and helpless. I think a lot of times Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are understanding of the Internet, the Internet is not no Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, the Internet is just like a big VAT, to remember their own work principle and work premise, because we must obey the basic occupation accomplishment of a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners.

industry has been more than a year, a lot of the time I think in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners future road where? How to clear the dead end and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners the city of dawn? What is their own business ideas or obliterate the existing Internet competition mechanism and the consciousness of temporarily blocked the pace of progress? This inner voice is always in my heart many times, I think this is the most I like and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners voice, then rookie I and everyone together to tell:

We often

also eventually materialistic era of domestic social life value system, no matter the life will eventually be abandoned by most people, we need the material basis but also in the pursuit of spiritual recognition. Shanghai Longfeng practitioners also remember that at the beginning of the first push the site will be in the hands of love Shanghai home? We were very excited, very happy, what is it? Is our spirit has been satisfied and recognized, but we did not get material rewards. Will the competition value system of domestic society towards the pursuit of material tilt, we mortals can not escape, so we must pursue Shanghai dragon spirit to enjoy, enjoy all bring us victory and the fruit will not bad competition between humans added to our work in the past, to enjoy, but also to maintain.

Shanghai dragon ER Internet competition mechanism competition mechanism of human

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