This week what happened a small unknown function optimization


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! One )

Chaoyang District masses, micro congregation page point of praise and concern love strike button. This is the code of agricultural brother violent temper to gas. Cua~Cua~ roll up its sleeves to them for good. Now the two goods can be obedient, dare not play small temper.

micro site in WeChat this week to optimize the sign function. Attendance records will show all the fans in information, now including the sign for how many days. Statistics more accurate, is conducive to business marketing activities planning and development. (for example, sign up to 10 days, can receive a special prize like ~ ~

1. to raise public function:

This week

a good week end. According to the Convention, but also make up a small piece of black today to a R & D department leader, code agricultural brother boast a hard-working and updates today.

is not willing to disclose the name of Wang Xiangxiao crying "single series of press die young lovers" game registered occasionally to discriminate against them in these vulnerable groups, so that they can not happy to join the game on the abuse of lovers. Xiao Bian now can boldly assured: Grandpa Mao registered bug has the perfect solution, please try to enjoy the fun of the game

3. WeChat sign Optimization:

2. "press dead young lovers" game Optimization:


) repair

4. fusion repair of the third functions:

pig CMS also conducted repair on the fusion of third party select all button. The grinding of goblins, the code brother earnest instructions, now repent, you said to fully cooperate with the business operation. Please rest assured use.

you want more, but not. Xiao Bian today to direct end dinner:

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