A5 marketing why the original article will not be included

server error, DNS error, or grab timeout, such a mistake if a sudden surge happens at this time, the site is not included, so basically can be sure that this problem caused by. If the long-term presence of this problem, the website weight will fall 100%. To view the grasping problem, should correspond to solve the problem, the details may also include: the site was attacked, server failure, DNS service problems……

if it is found that the article is not indexed by the search engines, you should see the first point is: if there is a failure to grab the site. Specific view need to use the tools: Webmaster Tools – grab the abnormal love Shanghai.

two: capture the frequency of abnormal

, analyzes many websites, causes the original not included are "Edit optimization excessive".

and another reason is that in the past many people know the "text" can improve the keywords ranking, but now the love Shanghai rules: anchor text is improper, will cause not included, even down the right site. Your site is normal now? If you do draw text, might as well stop for a period of time.

: is there a grab fault

finally, I want to say here is the TAG tag, if you do not understand TAG, don’t go to TAG, it will be better! Usually, in our diagnosis, some will be on the site of TAG, make the strict control, to avoid this problem. < >

such as bold in the article, not only a paragraph, but only some words.

The diagnostic process in our here

for this, I can quietly say to you, love Shanghai "submit link" is really good, there are now automatically push the tool, you made it? If the website recently crawl frequency continued to decline, try this tool.

is a normal site, grab the frequency will not suddenly fall, unless some necessary revision, do some restrictions. But another reason is: the site is down right, if the site is down right, then grab the absolute frequency of collapse, most obviously is included, or included is very few, and included slow.

three: edit optimization over

Whether the A large number of


often a director asked me: "he teacher, why do I write the original site every day, but still not included ah, peer website, copy my articles are included." On this issue, it’s time to make the diagnosis of A5 in Shanghai Longfeng marketing, will be processed, but today the share out: one is the pure "public welfare", on the other hand is enhanced more people, for the A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon know — we have faith, to help you create a healthy the web site.

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