Before the optimization keywords can not be ignored in the analysis strategy of website

, a target user group where

many owners in the choice of keywords is the main flow of the keywords as the main reference index, the site will build out is only a high traffic site. Especially for some focus on sales site, so choose keywords high traffic itself is a kind of method is not correct. We do keyword analysis data, we first need to understand their target audience where, as you do for the Guangdong place forum, then your target audience is the natural this piece in Guangdong, when we know our target user group, then you can analyze your target audience the characteristics, such as male or female users are the majority of users, the results of the survey recorded, and then began to pick keywords. For the keyword analysis, we need to be clear, that is the target user group is located, because most of the time, for each region of the Internet search words are different, like the potato food, in the Guangdong area of search potatoes, potato search in Xinjiang. So in that their target users only after the keyword is the most sensible choice.

two, target users search habits

in website optimization, keyword analysis has been enduring topic, because when you are in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, first need to determine your own web site keywords in order to develop a detailed optimization scheme based on keywords. As far as I know, general webmaster choose keywords of major love Shanghai index, search the drop-down box and relevant search, and may have recently combined to love and find the keyword mining station Bole keyword mining, but personally think that these tools to dig into the keywords is not very accurate, like keyword search volume index in Shanghai mainly through the calculation of all users daily search, which contains the search for their competitors ranked in the query site, pen more love from Shanghai keywords promotion background and statistical tools in traffic. But if we only rely on a method for keyword mining and analysis is not feasible, website optimization need comprehensive analysis, especially for keywords, through the analysis to comprehensive and accurate grasp of its optimal value, how difficult the optimization and optimization of the expected time long and so on. Today I talk about how to conduct the analysis of key words.

like I said before, each region of the user’s search terms are not the same, and each user search habits are not the same, such as some users love to search for information to the long tail keywords in the form of this kind of user previously know exactly what you want, for example, want to learn Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge, most of its use the search terms are optimized and the Shanghai dragon knowledge related long tail keywords, such as the Shanghai dragon where learning and optimization method, the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng simple Shanghai Longfeng optimization learning method, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization video tutorial and so on. There are some users with the main love >

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