Resource sharing website has no future

in fact everyone in the film is a non-profit organization of hundred-percent. Isolated in June 1, 2006 from the YYYYeTs subtitle group, formally established the independent forum, and attract fans to join, after years of development, the formation of the yyets. The network virtual non-profit organization the organization consists of a group of super fans, only interests and hobbies together in the network cooperation and sharing, free translation subtitles. It is also because of their efforts, so many people are able to have the opportunity to appreciate and understand the American TV drama. Unfortunately, even non-profit can not meet the conditions of protection for intellectual property rights.

protection of intellectual property rights is a contradiction between the attachment, it is because of the violation of intellectual property rights is the people’s awareness of protecting it. The protection of intellectual property rights, the more able to promote innovation and development, but also to the original people habit impact. Just as the World Intellectual Property Day, non-profit suddenly closed as everyone in the film.

therefore, we say the site closed naturally, but the subtitle translation and subtitles download is worth advocating and supporting. As we pay more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, the future there are many. In the short term, we will not adapt to this kind of life, there is no free video resources, even though there may need to pay to watch or be mixed too much advertising. This requires a process of adaptation, we also need to understand.

Intellectual property infringement and

the protection of intellectual property rights to protect those who rely on knowledge innovation and talent efforts and achievements, we can promote the continuous innovation, so as to lead our progress. Profit sharing resources should be regarded as a kind of edge ball behavior, for the protection of intellectual property rights in the strict sense, there is no way to. No way that this doesn’t work, but the original subtitle subtitles download and video introduction is the promotion and protection of the. In this paper, Admin5 first, please remember our classic shopping mall: www.whjdsc贵族宝贝 please indicate the source, thank you

is a set of standard processes, copyright businesses need to charge a fee to have intellectual property products authorized to use it. As a non-profit organization, in the form of volunteer provides the starting point for subtitles and sharing of resources is good. After all, it is not for profit, not the actual income through unauthorized TV drama, but in essence it is a violation of intellectual property rights. It means in violation of this behavior is better than selling light, but nature has not changed.


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