Shanghai dragon Er chain with the user do you know how many secrets

Note: the As for the

d: this time, people will say, no spiders past, I have your website ranking website? No rankings, with these chain useful? Do you think you will love Shanghai more than the chain for ranking is? Do you think love Shanghai or former love Shanghai? But you didn’t thought, you may say, I have the chain website if a lot of good

b: is a website to get good rankings, you cannot leave the chain and content on the Internet after all! The Shanghai dragon Er cried every day "content is king" and "the chain for emperor" slogan, so many people (including business owner) that Shanghai dragon is not difficult! No need to pay attention, which leads to many novice at the edge of the abyss go deeper and deeper, the last is: "business owners to recruit real Shanghai dragon, Shanghai New Dragon cried every day to find wage".

chain this thing, I really don’t want to say more, because some new thinking of Shanghai dragon has been set up, it is not easy to reverse

following into the subject:

if you are still boasting everywhere that day to send outside the chain, then tell you very honored, you are a real dragon Shanghai rookie, this sentence may be a lot of people do not believe.

is very complex, but to seriously look at the Shanghai dragon friends must understand, I understand the meaning of


C: I have a child said earlier blog submission to me, I promise, I’ll say you write, I sent to my last blog, he wrote an article, I put on my blog, sticky, later he found his jump hyperlink in the article (,, the following diagram is that jump) finally I said to him, this is the own blog system, I do not know how, there is, everyone reading this, users read your article will click on your site, don’t you? He said at last, I contribute to is the high quality of the chain, you do not jump the weight transfer.

I ask you: your competition on.

A: many beginners would say, I am a beginner does not send the chain, can why? I want to ask you, don’t you want to become a master? Everyone to learn first is a novice, but does not mean that you just do something novice novice, can you at least over twisted Shanghai Dragon on the basis of. Keep up with the trend of love Shanghai, of course, some friends might say, I don’t want to become a master, I just want to send the chain, write the so-called "original" article, so glad you master, you win! My values are you changed.

today to talk about the word chain, many Shanghai dragon friends know the hair of the chain, know the role of the chain, but the Shanghai dragon novice do not know the hair of the chain in the chain? Possible for beginners is ranking, of course, I do not deny.


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