Shanghai Shanghai dragon love upgrade search spiders do

first, love Shanghai spi>


general, love Shanghai spider system upgrade is good for the website of Shanghai Longfeng is, can let the competition website ranking is more fair, are reflected in the following points.

first, more quickly solve problems included. Prior to this, the webmaster do Shanghai dragon first see is love Shanghai included content on the site, but some sites, no matter how the content of webmaster hair or how much content included cycle is quite long, especially new sites, if included slow means optimization of slow, repeated view the site did not find the site of abnormal in fact, this is the spider crawl problem, site in weight under the condition of low content is not easy to be found, resulting in slow crawl results. In the spider after the upgrade has been dramatically improved this phenomenon, grasping and construction speed is greatly improved.


third, a more accurate identification of the original website. Love Shanghai emphasis on originality, but not to the webmaster an original justice, hard to write the original content of large coffee are reproduced in the past, but the real online ranking slowly climb, the original source site and did not get good rankings, even has not included, the original heart is simply being naked against ah wood yes! But, fortunately spider wake up, although it can not completely eliminate this phenomenon, but at least on the timeliness of the content of a certain importance, as long as the new content after the initiative to submit the source URL, the spider will crawl to the fastest speed and determine the original, reprint articles ranked higher than original ranking reduce phenomenon finally, the original owners to do a master.

second, more efficient handling of web link problems. The webmaster all know, site of low quality link is Shanghai dragon taboo, directly affect website ranking, if these low quality links are grasping love Shanghai, may not be able to handle already on the website ranking impact, estimated the webmaster will also feel wronged. But the spider upgrade reduces the webmaster of these troubles, as long as the low quality links quickly submitted to love Shanghai, you can get treatment within a short period of time, reduce the impact on the website of Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai search action is when some, recently, the webmaster should have been found, in addition to the sea with PPC rules adjusted at the same time to search the site’s ranking has been adjusted, the adjustment is also influenced by the love of Shanghai spider upgrade, the spider crawling rules become more and more intelligent, especially reflected in the content on the site to grab included and judge the quality of content, in view of these changes, and how to do Shanghai dragon

after the upgrade spider increased benefits to the website of Shanghai dragon, so owners do not live up to the good opportunity. Then love Shanghai upgrade spider Shanghai Longfeng odd billion network advantages, small series of concrete practice of Shanghai Longfeng increased a little, the rest of the conventional operation of Shanghai dragon in a variety of learning website and the forum has shared a lot, this small series is not much to say.

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