Taobao guest single page site optimization of dragon and Phoenix four ways of Shanghai

many people now building Taobao guest website on the page, there will be a lot of a beautiful picture, but these pictures are useless, because the higher picture quality, it will cause the speed of the open web site is slow, but also not conducive to the user to browse the content of your website, also need to use the scroll bar to scroll down a drop to be able to see the specific content, even if you think the picture is wonderful, but the hearts of one hundred people have one hundred different Hamlett, the picture of the effect is still very poor! More critical is the home of the super large picture will seriously affect the search engine recognition so! Such sites are often flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum model!

is essential The content of

for a single page website, content updates eventually have many defects, because the rich website structure and website can not be great content, it will be through a chain drive to the site’s ranking! And I believe that at present.

two: timely updates and high quality


four: the chain optimization is the key of

off site are all based on a single page, this website is very simple, most of them are free template, if not free, you can easily create a personalized template, now a lot of various products list sites are in this single page, can generate profits often very high! Of course this is the success of the single page Taobao station, and the failure of the single page website that is one of the important reasons and failed to meet the eye everywhere, is not doing site optimization, can not get the best ranking in the search engine, we are going to talk about Taobao guest single page website how to do the website of Shanghai dragon optimization of

single page website is the front page and the content page, with the increasing of the content on the website, the website chain number will be more and more, if not within the chain optimization, it is very easy to have a dead link, which greatly influence the friendly search engine, the israeiis with fake offering for God, God is angry, let the children of Israel during the nearly two thousand years no country, only in the last century in 60s, Israel is doing, if a search engine that anger, you website ranking may have to fall a bottomless pit!

A lot of Taobao

: a picture not flood

three: Web site chain optimization

is the site of the flesh and blood, but also for the single page website, if only relying on a picture of piling up website is difficult to get recognized by the search engine, users will not receive love, must serve a good website search engine and user of the two God, but the content is often offering. The Bible says the Lord will punish Israel, Israel will engage in a lot of offering to Jehovah to enjoy, so the Lord will help Mose to lead the Israelites out of Egypt! Website content is equivalent to the offering, offering quality is good or bad directly determines the preference search engine to the site


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