Shanghai dragon why analysis on the effect of K on Shanghai dragon industry and interpretation

again, may suggest that the strategic adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm. Shanghai dragon why was once considered a model of Shanghai white dragon and Phoenix, and so the site was suddenly K illustrates some problems. Maybe after the ranking will be restored, perhaps for a long time will not return. But this is not a problem, the most important is, why have never seen there? This at least love Shanghai adjustment algorithm. Or because of the increase of the website has been identified as "


why a website ranking industry celebrated night disappear? Which implies the strategy whether love Shanghai? What are the implications of the Shanghai dragon? How to interpret the Shanghai dragon why this was K

first of all, the author believes that Shanghai dragon why is at least k suggests that there is no absolute concept of Shanghai dragon! I often speak to the customer is not an absolute concept of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a risk, if someone promises Shanghai dragon can make a web site ranking several or several the 100% is a lie. Shanghai Longfeng uncertainty depends on the search engine algorithm and the uncertainty of commercial interest distribution in two aspects. Whether it is love or noble Shanghai baby or other search engines, algorithms are constantly changing and updating, in the face of new things on the Internet (such as micro-blog), the search engine must keep pace with the times; in the face of various black hat Shanghai dragon means the search engine also emerge in an endless stream to make adjustment to deal with. The search engine not only law and the law of constant change, is eternal. What is the search engine? It is a company, enterprise, business organization, and other business organizations, the profit is its unremitting pursuit of the goal, this concept will never become obsolete. As long as the premise of not damaging law and interests of the users, it can also have the right to do anything.


July 18th, a day to remember, today, longtime Shanghai dragon love Shanghai keywords ranking first throne Shanghai dragon why is love Shanghai K off, once again proved the Shanghai dragon uncertainty. Shanghai dragon why was once numerous Shanghai dragon Er follow and is regarded as the industry benchmark, Cardiff’s words is widely regarded as the Shanghai dragon white hat techniques classic.

second, Shanghai dragon prefer a nonprofit website. This is also very good understanding of business, you can make a lot of people think and act is distorted, otherwise there would be no drainage oil, melamine can also make business, website content mixed more other ingredients and become not pure, this is not conducive to the Internet search experience. Just imagine, if the search out of some commercial content, so visitors will have what kind of feeling of a search engine? Itself search engine has been riddled with the contents of a commercial advertisement, if the natural ranking is commercial results, then what are the consequences? I think this is not in line with the search engine long-term interests. Therefore, in the eyes of search engines, a nonprofit website may be more fair, more trustworthy

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