Medical image user experience optimization scheme of station

ENT Hospital from the name of the hospital that is the treatment of ENT and ENT Hospital, specialized medical organs in the head, so it should be the object of Otolaryngology disease patients, because of this, the content of the website to meet the ENT content, whether it is news content or medical information should be around the ear nose and throat content, other website knowledge content can be divided into children, young, middle-aged, elderly class class classification, clear user view.

ENT hospital advanced medical units at national level, so first need to process web site is top-notch unit, a need to highlight the atmosphere of the hospital. Secondly, it is necessary to give the user a clear natural feeling, can not let users feel too heavy for the medical industry site atmosphere, it will lead to the user and dull mentality of fear, the need to introduce incentives of hospital information and hospital acquired to tell users of our medical units and the powerful authority to attract patients consulting. And then need to all medical hospital projects are included, is convenient for users to view and timely consultation, and the need for a detailed description of the etiology and symptoms, so patients can clearly know what is what kind of disease, convenient patient consultation and treatment, greatly enhance the user conversion rate. In addition to the introduction of medical doctor professional information fields and successfully treated cases, patients can give users a reliable and trusted guide consulting psychology. In addition to the advanced equipment list used in hospitals and medical equipment, high-end equipment can make the patients feel at ease treatment, reduce medical pain, patients generally love high-tech medical equipment because of rapid recovery, less pain and more love with the rule of the effect, so the advanced medical equipment to reassure users, so as to improve the consultation probability.

, a web site analysis and localization of

site analysis and positioning to experience Optimization on the site as a whole to do a full range of users, this is the priority among priorities, according to the ENT image I thought from the whole to the local, from the shallower to the deeper for the user experience systematic optimization, following suggestions.

competition in the medical industry is becoming increasingly fierce today, website is crucial to the overall image, website image should direct anti medical units whether the user is responsible, responsible for consultation, whether from a patient perspective to consider the issue, so a good medical website or a professional medical website will always stand in the perspective of patients thinking about the problem. Good medical website not only allows users to come to consult more can let users first to feel the warmth and ease. According to the image of Otolaryngology hospital station, I will focus on the user experience through three point optimized based on the above reasons, first, the website analysis and positioning, overall optimization, second sites, third sites, monitoring data.

The overall optimization of

1) revision: seize this point to design the site atmosphere, we can not use a large home page as head of publicity, I intend to adopt.

two, websiteAfter the


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