Long tail keywords flow mining acquisition for the original secret

is a video site, but the movie website and on a clear distinction, this distinction is the site of the flow graph, half from the home page, this is to extend from the title keyword secret, extension of this keyword may be with a wire technique, then what is the this technique, it is possible to collect a keyword, then the reasonable arrangement in the home, interspersed with a variety of long tail keywords, formed a unique title of the passage, the most important part of this is the long tail keywords, that is mining.

for mining long tail keywords, a page, you need to extend the main keyword and other ancillary keywords, the affiliated keyword is required to view, and extends out of the word, the word Collection >

first see a flow chart, it was the site to do the great

flow of the long tail keywords, is what create a flow front best, that is what is the long tail keywords, so many users in the trend of the flow, that is to dig and obtain the original intention of us, the long tail keyword is a list of keywords for a web site, we need is to maximize the release of key words, so we need to dig and get keyword, flow secret long tail keywords, small talk back.

energy-saving high weight, the traffic is really great, so many pages, the page value is very high, this page value layer is high and wide flow trend, so a lot of time a website traffic can be very high, depending on his page is not a lot, and the number of pages this keyword is closely related to mining need? I think more is to obtain, is not a huge data page after all these large sites have? The data pages from which we watch TV, watch movies, watch and drama, and variety shows, when these together. When is the long tail keywords resources, and every home video site should have its own database, these data can give you enough value to Change the page flow line itself. Generally speaking, as long as the domain name of high weight, weight of the other pages are not very low, so, if your domain name weight slowly accumulated, so why not raise love Shanghai index, let these indexes more of the weight for service yourself.

look at a flow chart, the site is not small, as shown in figure


The secret of


In fact, because the domain name .

the flow chart to give you the greatest difference is a lot of long tail keyword film class is in the first place, it attracted so much traffic, long tail keywords, if you had your choice, how should you do? Then from energy-saving speak, after all, certainly has its own flow the values of.

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