The new sites included only the inside pages included not included home problems and Solutions

Xiaofan believe this problem that simple is also more difficult, so when we do not encounter these problems at a loss, to find the root of the problem, using the best method to solve it is effective, so today the new station included Xiaofan only the inside pages included not included home problems and solutions on the way here, the hope can help to you.

causes all know so we can make the following conclusion: because A. is new, the current love Shanghai for the new assessment period is relatively long, and the investigation is very strict, even if the home page is included in the search engine will not immediately put out; b.robots set wrong, of course does not rule out when setting the robots to website shield such a stupid mistake, many buddies still make mistakes, our fundamental purpose is to guide the setting of robots more clear and smooth the spider crawling our website, because of negligence and shield off the home page; C. website or poor quality and some web page content is too similar, in the vast sea of the Internet, website templates have spread your copy, I copy, everyone in the copy, resulting in high similarity search page will bring this Engine spiders judgment, which will lead to the inside pages of content to attract more love of spiders in Shanghai. Xiao D. think this is a very important point, when a lot of new on-line in the new site because the site without a good location, in the late frequently modify site title, keywords, description, which will lead to the home page even was collected is not put out, in fact, that is not a big problem in this kind of small, as long as we wait patiently home will always be put out, but also need to pay attention to increase website update and the chain of the usual sequential.

1. new sites, just on the line for a month;

;3. the

love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query, included a page, domain site outside the chain of small number of links is not clear;

2. web content is too small, all pages do not add up to 100

in order to make people more aware of the new web page not included, who summed up the following reasons (according to the summary data):

In fact, Since , be grateful!

recently Xiaofan in the optimization of a new, optimized after 15 days of today finally collected a page, when I am interested in open that only included the product page, page is not included, according to the normal included this is not common, so small for this phenomenon to do the analysis first. At A5 time, there is no local veterans who hope the exhibitions.

The accumulation of

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