Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng bloke Web site keywords ranking how stable

speaking of my blog ranking is not stable, so today said the website keywords ranking how to, how to make key words ready remained longer. There are many workers in the customer site after site optimization rankings do go up to feel that is not in be accomplished, especially the management of the site, in fact, often to the back will find the website ranking in the fall a little bit, have not updated snapshot and a series of problems, such as when you found out to make up for aid, it takes a lot of no matter how time can keep the site’s ranking stability is our long-term goal of website optimization will require

, a controllable factor

1, website structure: website set up before the optimization must have a good structure, so the real website optimization, do not worry because of late is not good website structure caused by the revision problem, there are a lot of file name is the same, on the site before the establishment of what needs to be done. I’ve written a lot about the website structure, you can go to understand, to some of the code we can post on the website of the streamline, improve site performance etc..

2, the content of the website: website ranking rise in keywords, need original or high quality of the article, can let search engine love article, so the search engine can give you the website to improve weight, after the website ranking rose to a target, we also can not relax, to update the moment, can be less with the same frequency before or, of course, this or to a competitor’s site to force, if a competitor to increase efforts to update the website, so you can not relax!


4, website indicators: website ranking up (in fact did not go up the same.

3, external links: here is the love of Shanghai related domain (also called love Shanghai exposure), here we have to continue to increase, can not avoid the public one day, mother day. The website after the rankings, we also need to continue to work on several basic ways in the chain inside said some chain principle, correlation and universality. The construction of the chain on the site rankings after, we must remember that these external links the site remain available, not be deleted or what the (search engine sometimes drop these you do right outside of the chain website), so in the later maintenance ranking update it we need to find more sites outside the chain, this should avoid

! !

recently in Wuhan Shanghai dragon ranking has been rising steadily, yesterday and today has been ranked second place, as one is Wuhan Shanghai dragon friends said, my blog ranking day than good evening, this is now ranked to sixth place last night, remember to seventh, but during the day these days there are third and second, many people will say do not care about the ranking, but say the truth, this is my first blog, I don’t care what is false, I am envious of that position, the first

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