The content of the page title DZ forum how to optimize

this is only the title + site name is

generally apply DZ program to show the page title is:
title + list page title + site name,
site name is left for their site brand promotion is a significant effect. For example: the daily post title, love Shanghai know the content page title is such.

be accomplished. Refresh the content page you can see the effect you want. The road where the original accounting Forum: 贵族宝贝dshpx贵族宝贝/bbs/thread-95-1-1.html  welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, you can also view the title display case.


and FTP upload tool to upload the /source/module/forum/forum_viewthread.php file and overwrite the original forum_viewthread.php file.

and then use Dreamweave software to open the find:
$navtitle = get_title_page ($_G[‘forum_thread’][‘subject’], $_G[‘page’]). "-.Strip_tags" ($_G[‘forum’][‘name’]);
get_title_page ($_G[‘forum_thread’][‘subject’], $_G[‘page’]) this is the title of the article,
strip_tags ($_G[‘forum’][‘name’]) is to remove the part, save the file.

reminder: download the forum_viewthread.php file to the first copy, and then modify; in case of revision did not reach the effect, still can keep the original.


general webmaster friends dream weaving program website, skill specific optimization methods are very familiar. With the construction of the forum friends, to optimize the general knowledge. The Internet also has a variety of legend DZ forum optimization. But rare DZ forum article page title how to optimize? I am also in the process of doing, the Content Page Title Optimization developed constantly. Following by the way of education for everyone to share with all the Webmaster:

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