The analysis of the phenomenon of several love Shanghai snapshot

Shanghai Longfeng difficult, do Shanghai Longfeng tired, do a lifetime at Shanghai dragon. Love is a snapshot of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, but only on the one hand, often supernatural phenomena, let Shanghai dragon ER pain. Wang Shifan in the previous article, mentioned the snapshot problem of sorts, but not comprehensive, today Wang Shi sails will be fully integrated before summary, hope this article can solve the problem of the majority of love Shanghai snapshot.

sometimes check website, will not appear on the date, but in a few hours before the

three every day, honest do stand, actually love Shanghai snapshot back

answer: in this case, basically can be divided into two types: consider the 1. love Shanghai data update synchronization result, so, as long as we do what we are doing it. The 2. site is new or is high enough to cause the weight, the weight is not high, so we need to optimize the website, improve the weight.

would love a bluff, Shanghai, the day before yesterday snapshot content.

: This is a snapshot of the phenomenon of love Shanghai. There are three reasons for this phenomenon: 1. recently, modify the program or title, website templates and other reasons, will cause the snapshot back. 2. love Shanghai server suck, cause snapshot. The most terrible 3. this kind of reason, right down the precursors.

answer: the emergence of this phenomenon, the general love of Shanghai to the railway station, reflecting the very high weight. For example, Wang Shifan’s blog, the blog of the main chain are from A5, Sina, Tencent and so on high weight website for Shanghai soft, love will make the crawler, trust it high on Wang Shifan’s blog, with the delivery of high weight, naturally love Shanghai snapshot.


usually follow the prescribed order to do a website, the content is original, the chain is awesome, why Baidu happened this time give me a snapshot? Explain what

?The snapshot ?

encountered such a situation, we as Shanghai Longfeng workers, what should be done? Wang Shifan: do not need to follow the prescribed order! Because I love Shanghai give you a high weight, it tried to update the article, dead do outside the chain, but this is not good for the web site.

on this point, there should be a lot of friends have not paid attention to. Today is July 13th, a snapshot of a website is to July 12th, but the content of the website by the snapshot view, indeed in July 11th. This is what happened to


two, website snapshot hours actually appeared phenomenon, is not that high weight

because the snapshot causes the title back, just need to do the content and the chain can be love; Shanghai server suck, we can.

? ?

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