Tens of thousands of similar websites how to talent shows itself

(three) target site location.

in today’s Internet industry, casually a industry site almost can be said to be tens of thousands to describe, but the ranking is so few, how are we going to get the biggest favor users and search engines? Then we need the site in the most common and the most basic optimization at the same time, to make your own web site features, so we can not only get the same search engine’s favorite, on this basis we override the user experience is king concept, unique website, so how can we not do stand out? Here are some of the author summed up the ideas to share with you.

(a unique title).


site title is a site of the facade, whether or spider users to access the site before the first sight is our website white Oh, so that the site title is the key issue of the construction site, a out of the ordinary unique site, must have a good record, coherent website is the name, title,. When we write the title of the website, we must pay attention to the connotation of the name, because it is in the same ranking site, we want to make it easier to attract users to get traffic. So when we write the title of the website, must be simple, consistent and unique atmosphere, we can refer to such as A5, Sina, and other large Shanghai love the title of the site, the writing is very good, when we give our website has a unique atmosphere friendly name, we will the site features a key step step.

at the station when we do, I suggest that you in the choice of theme, not necessarily very large, the key is fine. Because for many individual owners after all the energy is limited, so want to do a large-scale comprehensive website is not easy, so we can choose some small theme, good positioning, and some reference the same site is how to do it, then to sum up, some comparison site no the characteristics of in addition, and thus better to seize the user, enhance their website brand strength, so that we can get the search engine’s favorite, also do the user experience, and pay attention is not so big, it is a lot of benefits.

first of all I would say is the same concept, we are positioning site goal too easily is too large, after all, the limited capacity of energy.

in the past few years often see many webmaster see some successful website, began to follow suit to do this, but often overlooked these sites have made a very good achievement in this industry, and also has been hard to do, if we want to go beyond it. It is very difficult, plus many and we also follow the trend of the owners, so that the competition is bigger. So we do stand in the time do not follow suit, as long as do their own.

(two) positioning theme website.

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