Quick solution for web site keywords instability

: the first search engine algorithm actually changes every day, but there must be a period of time is a big adjustment, so how are we going to resist such adjustments to harm it, or by means of cheating, honest do stand, can be a reference in the optimization search engine optimization recommendations, or to some forum place to study, the most basic way, and every day the update, released the original search engine, catch the essence, such as the daily emphasis on customer experience, is the most fundamental, in any case adjustment, are not affected by row.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, recently my website is always ranking is not stable, today is the first, tomorrow can be reduced to third pages, I’m worried to death, the site is not to cheat, no horse, but due to various reasons, leading to decline in ranking, I look like a lot recently this is the website, today I recently took out the solution and under discussion.

third: search engine grab is not normal, this does not happen every day, this is because the cause of the drop, cut a figure in contrast.

second: change the website external links caused by the drop, under normal circumstances this change greatly rarely, unless you release the link by means of cheating, such as bulk or buy the way, once the search engine to check out, it must be down the right, this way is actually not too good, if the auxiliary can try, the other is the release site, if you often post links in a website, their website server problems, long time did not open, then you will certainly be affected, this is what we often say that the link should be diversified, not hang on a tree, in addition is the account was closed, I often seized at the end of the account, the reason is that I have to go to publicity, not the exchange, many are to bring the link, they are still new, So if we later want to do first, and site mixed well, have a good level, it is much safer, or administrators and moderators as well, but unlikely. If the above problems, the first is we do not use the means of cheating, then find some weight high website, to contribute, are original, reproduced in fact is also very good, an enemy ten, if every day you can contribute successfully in A5, the owners of the house where you. Certainly not, then is every day of the update, change the search engine’s impression of you, for a long time, and slowly will be good.

first of all I want to say my own analysis of the decline in ranking, resulting in the decline of the reason I feel is nothing more than the search engine algorithm adjustment, the search engine grab is not normal, change of the external links, and the website for their own reasons, such as always open, use the cheating, long time not update, and so on, but it is for these reasons caused by the ranking is not stable, recently I feel my problems might be accounted for on the analysis, the following specific.


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