Practical case Shanghai dragon website structure optimization

> 19 inch LCD TV; 贵族宝贝 domain /products/42/ (where "42" is the ID call, following similarly)

贵族宝贝 domain ms.html


贵族宝贝 domain /product/258.html

D. product page:

C. column page:


site optimization, most of my friends all know is divided into two parts, one is the physical structure of the site optimization, but the website logical structure optimization.

do not understand the Shanghai dragon website technology for NO?! it is because of this, Shanghai dragon Er, has not yet begun in-depth or in the work content is not exposed to more technology level, technology level is mainly internal website optimization on the one hand, combined with the related work I’m doing, my article in the form of case sharing website structure optimization. In my own view, do Shanghai dragon, can not but for technology development, technology must understand.

Shanghai dragon angle on the physical structure to achieve flat, reduce the directory depth of the page, which reduce the URL directory. Because the site is dynamically generated pages, so the need for dynamically generated URL URL rewriting, in order to achieve the URL static and standardization. According to the actual situation of mall system design, and reference such as Jingdong, Gome, wheat bags good website optimization, URL rewriting as follows (example):



A. a category page:

, the physical structure of the site optimization:

is doing Konka direct B2C shopping mall for example, respectively from the physical structure of the site optimization and site structure optimization on Logic Description:

LCD TV column 贵族宝贝 domain name /tv/

LED47MS11PD Konka 47 inch Full HD LED new 3D TV network

< > !

a lot of people started to learn Shanghai Dragon technology, almost all from web sites with open source system to do the experiment of learning, such as my own e-commerce blog with my WordPress to do this. These open source system after years of development has been in a long time, search engine friendliness is very mature, so the website structure optimization this one almost won’t let you mind how much. But the actual application of industry is not so, begin to build their own websites from zero to spend more effort in the website structure optimization on

seckill column


B. sub category page:

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