How fast will be built after the website keyword row to the forefront of Shanghai love

company website construction, one of the key targets we each site is the site keywords in the search engine rankings and bring the conversion and volume. How can we achieve the expected effect and the ideal site rankings? Please look at the example analysis and the experience of Shenzhen website construction company Jinghang technology to share, thank you for reading.

second, regular quantitative update site article, original and pseudo original can be indexed by search engines, but we need to pay attention to some skills. As the website construction industry news, first is to choose what we want the news information through love Shanghai and Google news search page, the news headlines do change, the best starting keyword, the front is better, the article at the beginning and end part own description and summary, appropriate nature of the web site keywords and super chain. The related news page keywords or do internal links, so that a pseudo original article easily completed, and Google will also love Shanghai when the website updated or included the new content, we believe that as long as the timing quantitative update website regularly, search engine spiders will crawl to you the website according to the law, to ensure the site every time something available to them, the website weight will soon upgrade up, love Shanghai snapshot Regularly updated web site keywords ranking will also increase stability. The best is not our goal, but to each visitor into real customers.

third, Links exchange website construction industry, of course, as I wrote yesterday "website construction after how high PR and high quality website exchange Links" has become the focus of what made a presentation and sharing, we have been constantly sum up experience and methods of learning from others. Links to improve website ranking plays a vital role, therefore, we as far as possible the exchange correlation between higher and higher quality Links.

first, in the construction site before, we need to the industry and the company have a thorough understanding of the lock core to the promotion of the keywords, around these keywords to build their own website. As we believe time, wide keywords to consider is the website construction, web design, website production, so we can further determine the target keywords, namely the long tail keywords I speak, such as construction sites in Shenzhen, Shenzhen website design, Shenzhen website production, website construction and promotion of the word we focus on foreign trade. These are also the most customers love to search words, bring most of the visitors are our potential customers Jinghang technology.

fourth, strengthen the construction of website promotion of external links, we in the site, began a signature in various large BBS registered post and reply, and for a number of large portal blog, regular updates articles, play a lead spider and promote the role of the brand, of course, as far as possible to write some original articles and the soft, improve the weights of the blog, then each blog left your keywords friendship link. In this way, the website can be updated in time.

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