See the search engine optimization from the angle of competition

imagine, if a keyword related website is only two, it is not necessary to engage in Shanghai Longfeng work, must be ranked in the search results before two. But if the keywords associated with this site is 200, so if the row in the second page, there are certain difficulties. Therefore, the essence of Shanghai dragon is not technology, but is that the competition mechanism.

competition rules is the algorithm in love >

environment? The number of people, everybody is in a what level. If it is a "slow" class, everyone is learning all day long, careless and casual, just a little hard, very easy to website keyword search results front. On the contrary, if it is in a "top class", everyone in it, so it is not easy to top. Similarly, if it is a "small", the head is not difficult. If it is a "large", the competition is fierce. This is the competition environment. For example, the move is a fierce competition, and participate in the enterprise is very much, in addition, many companies are also in the Shanghai dragon, so, want to get good rankings in moving this keyword results, is not easy. And "carrying" is to provide services for enterprises, need certain equipment and professional services, engaged in this industry enterprises engaged in moving less than the enterprise, the optimization of the difficulty may be smaller.

How is the competitive environment

since the essence Shanghai dragon is the competition, will inevitably involve the problem of competition environment, competition rules, competition strategy and so on a series of "competition", the author is from these two words, to talk about the Shanghai dragon.

in Shanghai before the dragon to carry out analysis of the industry, the network optimization environment is very necessary. The contact part of the optimization, possibly in a keyword optimization, with a certain method, is easy to achieve results. But the application of the same method in keywords in another industry, it is difficult to bear fruit, so confused. In fact, this is related to the keywords competition environment. Understand this, we must think of a way to change the competitive environment. The common way is to reduce the. In 100 people, it is difficult for me to succeed, but in 50, it can be easily. So, it is to reduce the key competition participants. Such as the words add names and so on, the key words of "carrying" can be changed to "Hangzhou handling" "Zhejiang handling" etc..

for Shanghai dragon, only the white hat Shanghai dragon, we take the initiative or forced to accept too many things about Shanghai dragon skills Qiao class, for example, how to write, how website architecture, how to optimize the chain code, how to publish and so on. We always have such an illusion: the use of a method, can rapidly improve and achieve stable website ranking. From the basic logic, Shanghai white dragon, there is no such a method. This is because the essence of Shanghai dragon originated in two words: competition.


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