Case analysis the site was restored one month after K

(Figure 2. shows September 7th love Shanghai Meng website content)

site was K, the first thing I do is to increase the update module on the website. Love Shanghai algorithm for web content updates, given considerable weight, this is the site most lacking, ensure timely update is to attract the spider climb take capital. Add module after it every day to update the 1-2 article, not to say each one is 100% original, at least after deep processing, make only superficial changes.

data because no reservation has been unable to find. Until September 6th, our love is still in Shanghai included 0. K to the sea is love not left, we do the following things. Speak before want to introduce a pen by the K site. The site with almost all static page generation, appearance is not good, but because of various reasons, has not yet to be improved. N long site is not in the basic state of renewal, but because of the chain accumulation and Months and years pass by. white hat Shanghai dragon brings the website keywords natural ranking is quite good. Key words basically can industry keywords and web site on the home page ranking not, until August 13.


second things, to replace the domain name. Re registration of a domain name to the site org. And the org domain 301 redirect to the com website. However, this effect seems very little, because we all know that the love of Shanghai on the reaction rate of 301 is long, but we can not give up the domain name and take not the way.

station is officially in August 13th by K, as shown in figure


fifth things, the chain continued to release. Perhaps the webmaster can question: websites are K, and the hair of the chain will be more considered cheating, will make K more extended indefinitely. >


love Shanghai this adjustment will have an impact on many webmaster all, whether grassroots webmaster or group, to the company website, forum, small grassroots webmaster, personal forum, Taobao customer site. The love of Shanghai big update removed a number of garbage sites, of course, for a webmaster may be unfair, but as long as the regular way, K off site or to restore the. The notes of a site with everyone about his own experience of the site

fourth things, love Shanghai complaints. Love is one of the common tools webmaster complaints Shanghai. With this complaint, the author shared over three times, but three times in Shanghai did not give me any love echo, so I still don’t understand love just to deal with the problem whether Shanghai simply does not make noise, or complain too much, do not bother.


(Figure 1. love Shanghai K station in the end, website is depilated)

Before the

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