Some advice after the site right down

outside the chain of importance, can not talk about. How to send the chain, or the number of tasks you do every day, you still copy and paste? The chain of resources or good outside chain release techniques, there is no expression, after all, well-developed network of people everywhere to share. Here are some ideas:

Tags property is very important, but also has a great impact on the optimization ranking. With the continuous change of the search engine ranking system, the website title and description of influence is not reduced, can also be subdivided into: home page, channel and content pages. Many webmaster for work, take over a new site, the first thing is to prepare to change the title, this is wrong. You know, the title of the site is the name of the person you want to change the name and then sent to the simple

actually, the hair of the chain is a topic that is worth considering, you should learn about the Qin fire fire, made three and four of these God practices. Although, they embarked on a road of no return. Ask yourself, you are working for the Shanghai dragon is a technical work? People used to laugh at the programming code is, what should we write? Every day outside the chain, no……


2, the content of the chain and the title and their own website can you know it as like as two peas, the weight is higher than yours;

second, the chain around not just send

1, love Shanghai product quality is very good, not much hair, especially the love and love Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar encyclopedia;

site is down right, each station is deeply regret things. Whether it is the site home page disappeared, or no ranking, recovery is far away. Even if you know how to restore the site to drop right, but you can guarantee that time? Well, not much to say, we are talking about is to pay attention to these details to prevent website optimization, bring down the right exhaustion.

we are the primary Shanghai Longfeng workers, but not absolutely fearless. Even if it is to be changed, the feeling should be changed to local development, need to be cautious, especially the total revision too. Not a month or a week to a few times. At least to do is: how to do the first planning; from the details page to the channel to the home page; the first plateau high quality the new keyword. In fact, just changed to title search engines do not trust, eventually leading to right down the consequences.


say a little, now people live without thinking, work is even more so. Every mobile phone, WeChat, >

3 video, the chain effect is very good, such as Youku, Sina and Sohu video ah, but must be related. This can learn from A5 webmaster network approach.

, the site title cannot change

4, B2B website as far as the effect is very good, but we must find a good platform for the title, a lot of people make their own homepage and these platforms and confused, can not find the official website.

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