Analysis on unique little webmaster website layout

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many sites within the chain are random links, anchor text, there is a direct automatic generation in the chain, the purpose is very simple: to search engine guide. So why in the chain may exist? More before in the role of the chain is to make the search engine better grab site, enhance the anchor text ranking, and now in the role of individual chain that more should be to guide the user to the user’s effective recommendation. The different links between articles, can use the relevant recommendation, popular articles, the latest articles guide to another article page, but must be relevant; also can appear to different page links in the content, but to be meaningful, is to guide users, recommended to the user, not hard to join a little bit of love Shanghai Wikipedia link has done a very good job. The inside pages do not appear on the homepage of the link, when it is necessary, the content of the page can add home page links, other cases are not necessary, because the user in the content page want to return to the home page click on the navigation button, the page has a guide page, add this is not necessary, only your navigation system. Some people will say that the home page to do a keyword anchor text to the other, so in the content page to join the anchor text pointing to the home page, the home page ranking promotion keywords.





this is very important for our webmaster. How much for this point, we directly determine the website included as you know, our two level domain name included more web page to the right.

I just contact Shanghai dragon industry, for the industry and many do not understand, has recently been in the study, this book is not in the YY class, there are also some unique views on the specific layout of some website, today to share a.

for the layout of the site, Xiao Bian think mainly want to do optimization most in need of attention can be divided into four aspects:


website chain

third: website map set

had contact with the industry, but Xiaobian learned from many predecessors, many of the old owners for the website chain is actually not very attention, only in the construction site after the initial detection and simple adjustment will not be on the website of the investigation of the death. Often in our early death in the examination will not produce natural death, and thus have an impact on the optimization of our work. Of course, there are also some Adsense is relatively serious, regularly check the chain, chain will directly delete each found. When I went to see the station they didn’t do 404, or will again generate links in the course of time, will produce a vicious spiral. The timely discovery of the death and then submitted to the search engine in order to reduce the damage to the minimum

The first point:

site link to die

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