Look at the site in the thermodynamic diagram requires a combination of search keywords to see the e

, another point is that we look at the heat map must pay attention to those who are not on the website click on the content, if the link down a month have not clicked by the user. Maybe this is not really needed by the user, delete should be deleted, the column is the same, if the data proved that this section of your site is really no click, then you have to find a way to get rid of or improvement. Because the overall quality of the spam only drag down a web site, for example, your home has 100 links, 20 Click to click, then 20%. If your home is only 20 links, ten were hit, the hit rate is fifty percent. This is better than home has 100 links only 20 on the website, search engines will think so. >

but if you do website such as a keyword search, and in friends and not in accordance with the click of your content, you the content of the website is a problem. You should improve your content, or re layout the content of your website.

of course there are some special circumstances, such as some uncommon words, nouns or jargon, causing the user cannot read the word, so there is no cause to click, even if you think you meet the needs of users, but in the search engine to see, as long as the user does not click browse, no, this is not for users, in fact as well as some navigation, so must be simple and clear, allowing users to be able to understand what is meant here give you a suggestion to the most popular everyone can understand the language in the design of navigation. Of course, in front of this situation are rarely part of course is also worthy of attention.

said clearly we need to understand this problem before, a user searches for a keyword into your website. What if you are not leaving, at this time that your site is not what it needs to happen. So we in the statistical tools to enter our website every day in most of the keywords to find out, and you think the key words in which content can meet the needs of users, you must pay attention to this place is not the most people, if it is, then you do is on the content. Because you’re content to meet most of the needs of users.

since the statistical tools have the thermodynamic diagram is almost a must see, because thermal picture too important for the study of user needs and improve the website, so here I suggest that you need every day to see their heat map website. But I found a lot of people see the thermodynamic diagram still did not know how to see, or not see the problem. Didn’t see the problem is not to mention the improvement of website, our website is more in line with the needs of users, to provide accurate content. In fact, in the thermodynamic diagram many things can tell you, but today only to tell you the most important one, that is to see thermodynamic diagram must be combined with the keyword search.

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