n 2011 the owners how to do their own site

High quality

, update the high quality articles

two, looking for high quality Links

1. the weight of the station with the snapshot update frequency snapshot not just result in weight. I go to the following example, fell in love with the sea search and surveillance cameras, in addition to love their own products in Shanghai, ranked in the top three as follows:

I do weight?

has nothing to do with the weight of 2. included. This is a lot of people misunderstood, that included the more the higher the weight, I in the exchange links also encountered such a situation, I included a little. "

I was referring to the original rate is very low in some day to update the site in order to complete the task, will just get a few, even some of the original copy. Just what is the use, collection rate is low, even if the collection will not give good rankings, maintain a snapshot or can, but to the snapshot of what is the use? Some website snapshot update every day, but is no flow, no weight. A new station, 1-2 months in the law can do every day to update snapshot snapshot, so just clouds. Every day you can update some original articles of high rate, busy people a day also, really busy two or three days a is not what, as long as the love of Shanghai high quality articles will be included, but also have a good ranking.

Links suggests that the weight of the high Links, but in the judgment of the weight of a site in the end what is probably not so easy for me, I see a lot of high quality Links explanation, but I beg to differ. The following are some of my views on the weight of the site:

station is 3 years, this year I encountered a search engine (here refers to the most powerful love Shanghai) constantly changing year, I believe we all know 520 events, a big earthquake is the webmaster, is said to have jumped, but this thing I do not believe a bit. There is love in my hand a few gross altitude events, the station pulled the hair, and K out of the pages of a lot, even more than 50%, has yet to recover, but also decreasing. This situation is that you love Shanghai station has been flooded (this is not included, QQ station) value, although you are pseudo original, even the original rate of more than 50% are of no avail. I believe that many owners as well. Another thing is love Shanghai chaos, sometimes in the morning to have good rankings, the afternoon was restored, this happened several times; love Shanghai update rules from these can be seen in the Shanghai love adjustment algorithm.

Low quality

second a snapshot of the number is 19, than the other 2 nights a week, don’t you say he did not

said so much, just say, here I will talk about some ways to deal with it. A point of view is purely personal, I hope you do not.


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