recommend the novice to learn Shanghai Longfeng learning ideas and learning process

The first

I think that everything has a learning environment and learning atmosphere, it is the key to consciously, as long as they look for things, to choose their own learning platform for you to create a good learning environment is the first thing that I study in Shanghai when the Dragon Phoenix two selected a platform for you now is to see the webmaster nets, there is very extensive knowledge, I suggest you learn early enough to search the forum and tutorial section, when reading other people the more analysis and summary, the nouns do not understand down or go to consult or ask your colleagues forum or senior, before another good the why platform is the Shanghai dragon inside the learning atmosphere is very good, is a very clean forum, but the self clean the whole paper A downward trend in Chapter quality, they do not understand the Dragon why can go to the Shanghai question, when learning network knowledge of Shanghai dragon why and webmasters enough to satisfy your learning needs, following their own in the purchase of some such as Shanghai dragon combat password combining with the study that is a very good learning atmosphere.

Second Shanghai dragon

with the development of electronic commerce, Shanghai dragon marketing tool is a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises preferred, as a beginner learning Shanghai dragon I think don’t impetuosity, foundation in learning is very important, a lot of new Shanghai dragon corresponds to Shanghai dragon noun you may be difficult to understand, but do not be discouraged, a proactive and learning attitude that you have to keep on learning before, because there is no hard attitude, you will only learn surface without more in-depth grasp, good gossip short continued us into today’s topic.

, an open source CMS system research.

, first select a learning environment.

third, Shanghai dragon to analyze the facts and data analysis page.

knowledge is the subject of very strong a system, with the theoretical knowledge in practice if not immediately with the author thinks that it is equal to empty talk have no meaning, but many novice webmaster don’t understand, what is what website code. You don’t need to know what code such as antivirus software, you install it, I recommend the CMS such as zblog or WordPress and install antivirus software is a reason, you first download the source program, according to the process and improve the installation can be, as for the space server you buy in space when you can ask the space business these are the basic knowledge, very easy to learn, because Shanghai Longfeng theoretical knowledge as to write a soft Wen, if not after your submission and release, did not meet with readers, you write again good is of no value, Shanghai dragon theory knowledge in the rich, not the practice to test a is equal to zero. A carrier and the website is to help you practice, so when learning to use the basic Shanghai Longfeng station need to improve and learn knowledge .

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